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    dkbnyc @dkbnyc

    agree, i would not be happy about the Bella Bliss dresses.

    but those Jcrew things sure are cute.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I think the Olive Juice and Jacadi items are just generally similar, but they don’t have that note-for-note feel with a number of details — collar, seams, length, proportions, pockets — all direct rips from O+S and Sugar City. And the fact that there are two kids’ high-end home sewing pattern ripoffs just makes it that much more unpleasant. I wonder if a mysterious grandma will show up here, claiming to have been sewing these style for a hundred years, haha!

    Anyhow, I’m sure the appropriate measures are being taken.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    Their (Bella Bliss’) only saving grace is that Sugar City has repeatedly stated that they will no longer print their pattern. Although, I have read nowhere on-line that they are accepting of not copy cats, but rip offs. (Not sure if there is a limitation on intellectual property, but would imagine it’s similar to copyrights for authors – for the life of the writer.)

    The blatant disrespect to Liesl and Co and their work is ballsy, though. I appreciate you pointing this out. They can count on me not shopping with them.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    How about this:

    Apple Picking:


    Or this, Seashore-


    My mother wanted to go into gymboree, and I followed, yesterday. Sure they have cute clothes, but when I saw a few things, I immediately recognized them as very similar.

    The attorney in me raised an eyebrow and went tsk tsk. The mother in me smiled smugly and with great self satisfaction thought, I can do better than that! My stuff with the help of Oliver and S and you all here, kicks big Gymboree butt! That that you commercialized place where every child looks the same!

    Then I gave them a big fat raspberry. (Maturely though, I only did it in my head.)


    Liesl Gibson

    I think it’s important to remember that, in apparel design, it’s really easy to find similarities between styles.

    I will never lay claim to being the “original” designer of a particular style of dress or jacket, since you’ll always see similar styles in stores and at retail. Our mantra over here is generally, imitation is flattery, and I don’t get upset when I see a similar style because the inspiration for that style could have come from any number of places. We’re a tiny company, and I can guarantee that Seventh Avenue isn’t looking to me for design ideas (much as it might be nice if it did!). So when I see a style that’s similar to one of our patterns, my usual response is more like, “Hey, that’s great! This shows that I’m in touch with what’s happening in fashion and with trends and have designed something in keeping with that trend, but which I also hope will stand the test of time.” So please, don’t get worked up if you see something similar. Very often ideas are just “in the air” and several designers pick them up at the same time and put their own spin on them.

    On the other hand, when you see a design that shares so many similarities in such very exact ways, down to almost all of the smallest details, it makes you question where that designer’s “inspiration” is coming from. And that I can’t help but take more seriously.

    I appreciate it that you point out these cases to us and support us when these things happen. I’m sorry to report that this happens much more frequently than it should, and it’s really unfortunate. So thanks for your help with this. And please don’t get too worked up with you see something that reminds you of one of our designs. That’s fine and great, as long as it’s not a direct copy, which is inappropriate.

    You’re all so great! I really love that we have this little sewing community in these forums.

    Jennifer1568 @Jennifer1568

    I like seeing similar designs in stores. It is inspirational- I get ideas for fabric choice: print size, fabric weight, and color schemes.I also check out construction- like how the plackets and hems are made. I think the quality of fabric makes a huge difference in the quality of the finished garment.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I confess I frequently work in the other direction — I’ll see something I like at a ‘fancy’ shop, but then start thinking about how I could use an O+S pattern for a similar look — but mine would be all wool, and in my favorite shade of blue, with real leather buttons, and a whimsical print for the pocket lining, etc. etc.

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