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2013 sewing plans

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    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I am looking at my list and I feel I’ve done well even if it looked different than I expected.

    2. Sew out of my stash – Yes!

    I have sewn a lot out of my stash especially the second half of this year as I have been limited to what I have on hand as I have not had work and there has been limited finances avaliable. It has made me very much appreciate my stash and I am very grateful to a number of fnds who gave me fabric they were no longer going to use.

    3. Add specific fabric only to the stash -yes

    I thought I would add no fray fabric for pettiskirts, however I found an even better solution, cut regular fabric on the bias! Fraying problem solved 🙂

    I have primarily bought fabric for specific projects this year mainly bottom weight fabric, although I found some Lisette Ice Crem fabric on the special rack and that came home too!

    4. Have all the Christmas sewing done by the end of November-not quite

    I haven’t finished all my Christmas sewing but I am happy with the start I have made.

    5. Sew as inspiration strikes -yes and no

    I have done a lot of sewing as inspiration strikes but I have also done a fair bit of planned sewing. I have concluded that I like to make two of a new pattern but the third one in a row is a bit like dragging my feet. I think I Need two types of sewing, both inspiration today and “I have something I can just sit down and sew right now without thinking”

    1. 2.5 quilts to finish – One Down!

    I got one of them finished! I sewed the binding down and gave it as a birthday present. I have two still to go and they won’t be done this year but I have worked out a plan of attack to get them done 🙂

    Overall I am very pleased with my achievements of the goals I set myself even if it didn’t look the way I expected!

    Tamara @justsewit

    I have the pattern for a men’s shirt but as far as fabric is concerned, I seem to be having trouble finding something he would like, I would like and would be suitable in general. So I might have to stick this onto next year’s list also just so I can have outside chance of accomplishing such a goal, then I won’t have deadlines to meet and if I find a fabric I can just get it and make the shirt without fuss.

    The home decorating goal, well it was a very sticky sore point for a while. Yes we were swapping then we weren’t and mow it looks like he has changed his mind again. If it is true (he apparently told my nephew just Sunday am) then I will be taking the time to change every ounce of that horrible grey they put on the walls to something more my style. I have been haunting the Houzz app for a while now. I might go quick and sign up for that valance sewing craftsy class before the special expires.

    Baby plans for next year will probably spark my urge to accomplish the baby sewing goal.

    I have though, made a quilt each for the kids (yay) even though they are too small for their beds, they can have them as throws or extra covers instead. I have two more in progress with one top almost complete and the other on its way. I hope to quilt them early next year before our winter season.

    I did do some selfish sewing but not alot. I have indulged in a few fitting classes as I am not happy with how I do things – need new tricks.

    I have enlarged SOME patterns but they need upsizing further. And I really need to look at what went wrong with the Art museum pants!

    School uniform? Now a total no go. They have the stupid emblem on everything even the sports shorts! Personally it is overkill.

    I think that is all that was on the list.

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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