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    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I have complied a list of Oliver and S patterns which can use a half yard cut of 44″ wide fabric. I’ve also compiled a list of patterns that you can make from a one yard cut as I know many people seem to have a few of these 🙂

    Oliver and S patterns that you can use a 1/2 yard cut of fabric.
    Afterschool Pants
    – accents
    Art Museum
    – Vest front – up to size 4   Badminton
    – Skirt, no or contrasting shorts
    – Top, main fabric up to size 6. Contrast all sizes
    – Dress, contrast all sizes   Bedtime Story
    – accents  
    – Tea Party – All sizes
    – Sea Shore – All sizes  
    -Skirt, up to 18-24m  
    Carousel dress
    – Try a colour blocked version
    – try a contrast band or ruffle   Class picnic
    – Shorts, 6-12m & 12-18m
    – Shorts contrast – All sizes   Garden Party
    –  waistband and yoke, all sizes   Hide And Seek
    – yokes – all sizes  
    Ice Cream
    – Yokes
    -striped version for the top 3 layers. but check pattern pieces.   Jumprope – accents  
    Libary Dress
    – waistband,  all sizes
    Lullaby layette
    – Binding on top and body suit
    – try a sleeveless top or bodysuit   Music Class Skirt
    – Skirt 6-12m & 12-18m
    – Skirt, made with contrasting panels  
    – collar and placket,  all sizes Playdate
    – Yoke  
    – Yoke and ties  
    Puppet Show
    – Shorts – Pattern says more but with contrasting pockets it’s worth checking.
    – Bodice contrast  
    – bloomers, all sizes
    Swing Set Tunic
    – up to 3T but worth checking other sizes –
    Skirt – up to 12-18m  
    Tea Party
    –  Bloomers – All sizes –
    Bodice – All sizes
    – Playsuit shorts – up to 2T
    – can’t make a whole skirt but may be able to colour block using multiple 1/2 yard pieces  
    – Top – accents
    Maybe worth seeing if a sleeveless version would fit,  especially smaller sizes.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Patterns to use with one yard cuts.
    One Yard  
    After school
    – Pants,  6m to 2T  
    Art Museum
    – Pants, 6m to 2T
    – Vest front, all sizes (6m to 12)
    – Vest lining,  6m to 5  
    – Skort, 6m to 4
    – Top, all sizes,  6m to 12
    – Dress, 6m to 6  
    Bedtime Story
    – Top, 6m to 3T
    – Pants, 6m to 6  
    Book report
    – fabric A, bodice and sleeves, 6m to 5
    – fabric B, skirt and yoke,  all sizes (6m to 12)
    Bubble Dress
    – dress, all sizes (newborn to 5T)   Butterfly
    – Top, 6m to 24m
    – Skirt, 6m to 8  
    Class picnic
    – Top, 6m to 5
    – Shorts,  all sizes (6m to 12)   Caurosel
    – ruffle dress,  6m to 18m   Fairytale
    – sleeveless,  6m to 18m  
    – Jacket A, each fabric,  6m to 24m – Jacket B, each fabric,  6m to 2T   Family Reunion
    – Dress, 6m-12m only
    – Top, 6m to 5  
    Forest Path Cape
    – Lining and fabric,  each,  6m to 4.  
    Garden Party
    – Tunic, 6m to 2T  
    Hide And Seek
    – Tunic, 6m to 3T  
    – LS Shirt, 6m to 7
    – SS Dress, 6m to 7
    – Skirt, 6m to 6  
    Hula Hoop
    – Skirt, each side,  6m to 7   Lullaby layette
    – All items,  all sizes.  
    – Culottes, 6m to 2T
    – SS tee, all sizes
    – LS tee, 6m to 8  
    Music Class
    – LS Shirt, 6m to 3T
    – SS shirt,  6m to 8
    – Skirt, all sizes (6m to 12)   Nature Walk
    – Pants, 6m to 6
    – pullover,  each fabric,  6m to 8   Pinwheel
    – Top, 6m to 2T  
    Puppet Show
    – Shorts,  all sizes (newborn to 5T) – tunic, all sizes (newborn to 5T)
    – Dress, newborn to 2T  
    – Tunic, 6m to 7
    – Dress 6m to 3T    
    – Pants, 6m to 3T
    – Skirt, all sizes (6m to 8)   Sandbox
    – Pants, 6m to 3T  
    – SS Shirt, 6m to 3T
    – shorts,  6m to 6  
    Sunday Brunch
    – Jacket,  6m Only
    – Skirt, all sizes (6m to 8)  
    Swing set
    – Tunic, all sizes (newborn to 5T)
    – Skirt, all sizes (newborn to 5T)   Tea Party
    – Skirt – all Sizes (newborn to 5T) – Playsuit shorts – all sizes (newborn to 5T)  
    – SS blouse, 6m to 5
    – LS blouse, 6m to 3T
    – Skirt, all sizes (6m-8)

    Yirg @Yirg

    Wow this is so handy, thank you 😀

    rebecca @rebecca

    This is awesome, thanks!!

    crystalpleats @crystalpleats

    What a useful list. Thanks!

    Nicole @motherof5

    Awesome Heidi. You are a brick!

    Rachel Le Grand @nestfullofeggs

    Thanks so much Heidi for sharing these lists! The number of Oliver + S items that can be made from one yard of fabric is impressive!

    Brittney @georgeandizzy

    I was able to cut a Roller skate tunic size ten out of one yard this afternoon:)

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