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Hello friends!

I’m so pleased to tell you that the new spring patterns will be ready next week, assuming that all goes according to schedule. You can never tell these days, can you? Shortages, transportation delays, etc. I’ll start introducing them to you on Monday, and they should be available on Wednesday. I can’t wait! It’s sort of like introducing new friends, which I’m also doing this morning for two friends who I think have something in common, who might be able to work together or collaborate in some way. Always exciting to have possibilities, right?

Pinterest Picks

Two Chaval Coat ideas that caught my eye recently, even though I know it’s spring. (You can always plan for next fall, right?) I love the contrast stripe down the center beck, and aren’t the neutral patterns and textures wonderful in this photo of dress and coat?

Liesl's April 1 Pinterest picks
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Obsessed with white linen Camp Shirt blouses for this spring and summer.

Liesl's April 1 Pinterest picks
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Did you catch Melanie and Asmita on the blog recently with their Fira Top and Breezy Blouse recently? So good.

Liesl's April 1 Pinterest picks
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More spring and summer planning: Montauk Trousers in solid linen and a Bento Tee with extra-long back. (I think this photo is actually a light cardigan over a Tee, but why let your imagination stop there?)

Liesl's April 1 Pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

  • Aren’t these Ukranian blouses gorgeous? So much labor in each one! (Thanks to Melanie for the link!)
  • I heard about this cicada exhibit on the radio the other day and had to see the video for myself to believe it. Fascinating.
  • Behind the scenes at Pantone. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when it comes to color forecasting, here’s your chance.
  • And here’s a list of interesting articles about fashion that I’m planning to read this weekend. Care to join me?

See you Monday as I start to introduce the new spring styles! In the meantime, what are you sewing this weekend?




  1. Teresa

    Hi can not wait to see new patterns

  2. Janet Whitmore Parker

    Hello sewing friends!
    I am starting the Fira dress this weekend and before I cut my expensive linen fabric ( I am already nervous just thinking about it) I wanted to check the full list of body measurements for my size. I am 5’4” and on the edge of petite sizing.
    Where can I find the full body measurement chart?


  3. Judy

    Hi, I have a question about sizing on the Fira as well. I am new to these patterns and just made the Verdun in a size M which fit well. I am in between an 8 and a 10 for the Fira and also am 5′ 2″ talls. Not sure which size would work the best. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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