top 10-selling oliver + s patterns of all time

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Oliver + S pattern styles have been? We were wondering that a couple weeks ago, so we did the math and put together the list of our top 10 best selling patterns of all time. It’s worth noting that this is all time sales, including all size ranges and paper and digital versions, so of course older styles that have been around for longer will dominate the list.

Top 10 selling Oliver + S patterns of all time

So here we go, the top 10-selling Oliver + S patterns of all time!

1) Ice Cream Dress
Do you know how the Ice Cream Dress got its name? One of the original prototypes sewn was color blocked with brown, cream, and pink. Someone in the studio one day said the dress looked like Neapolitan ice cream. Hence the name!

This girl’s dress is a loose-fitting pull-on smock dress or blouse has one-piece V-notch yoke and button loop closure. Check out Liesl’s introduction posts from 2010 here and here. Dior roses look lovely on an Ice Cream blouse, don’t you think? Have fun with color blocking with this pattern! All of our posts about the Ice Cream pattern can be found here.

Ice Cream Dress, View B

2) Tea Party Sundress, Bloomers + Playsuit
This was the very first pattern Liesl designed, and she designed it specifically for S–before she started the company. People would stop her on the street in New York and ask where she got the cute dress S was wearing. So we like to think that this pattern was the pattern that started it all.

The Tea Party Sundress pattern includes a girl’s dress and bloomers with unisex playsuit. And since it was one of the original four patterns that came out back in March 2008, it’s celebrating its 10th birthday this month too! Be sure to check out our Tea Party Sundress sew-along and all of our Tea Party posts.

3) Birthday Party Dress
Who doesn’t love a birthday party? You certainly have over the years, and that puts this style at number three in our all time best seller list.

This A-line dress has three box pleats at center front with options of button tab or ties. Buttons at back and our signature hem facing are just two of the details featured in this cute girl’s sewing pattern. It was released in spring 2009, see more here.

Oliver + S Birthday Party Dress

4) Family Reunion Dress
This dress features pintucked pleats at the front and back, a choice of button tab or ruffle embellishment at the front, and a sweet neckline. Gently gathered short sleeves, our signature hem facing with topstitched detail, and buttons up the back complete the look. Visit Liesl’s introduction post from the spring 2011 collection. More ideas and inspiration for the Family Reunion came be found here.

Oliver + S Family Reunion Dress

5) Sailboat Top, Skirt + Pants
The Sailboat pattern is the first in our list that’s appropriate for boys. But it’s not only good for boys. With the unisex styling of the sailor top and the cute skirt included in the pattern, many of you have sewn this for girls as well.

With this pattern you have a pull-on button-shoulder top with long sleeves, top-stitched details, and curved shirt-tail hem. Unisex sailor-style button-front cropped pants include side vents and elastic at the back waist. Also there’s a matching A-line skirt which includes the same button front closure and back elastic. It was released in spring 2009, see more here.

Oliver + S Sailboat Top, Skirt + Pants

6) Playtime Dress, Tunic + Leggings
This easy-to-sew dress and tunic pattern is designed for woven or knit fabrics. The topstitched pockets and mock Peter Pan collar add a cute, decorative element that can be dressed up or down depending on your fabric choices. The leggings are designed for knit fabrics and are made with just one pattern piece. Check out Liesl’s introduction post from September 2013. We’ve had lots of post featuring the Playtime pattern, but a couple of favorite ones have been on the leggings: iron-on images and adding cuffs to make pajama pants.

Oliver + S Playtime Dress + Leggings

7) Sketchbook Shirt + Shorts
We recently took this style out of print in paper after almost eight years. It’s been a perennial favorite for those of you who sew for boys.

This boy’s or girl’s classic shirt and shorts pattern features a shirt in two versions: a cuffed, long-sleeve option with a one-piece collar and chest pocket or a band collar and short sleeve option. Both styles include button front placket and shirt-tail hem. Below-the-knee length elastic-waist shorts include front pockets and mock fly. Visit Liesl’s introduction post from spring 2010 and see more Sketchbook post here.

Oliver + S Sketchbook Shirt + Shorts

8) Music Box Jumper
This simple, empire-waist jumper designed especially for beginning sewists, and the ease of sewing it has contributed to its popularity. One version presents a softly pleated, mid-calf-length skirt, while the other version gives an A-line skirt with a single, inverted box pleat at center back. Both views button up the back. Go see Liesl’s introduction post from fall 2010.

Oliver + S Music Box Jumper

9) Sleepover Pajamas
Pajama patterns are always popular–especially as the Christmas season approaches. Our last two patterns in the list are our two pajama styles.

The Sleepover Pajamas features a boys’ or girls’ pajama top, which was inspired by vintage baseball jersey styling, with contrast trim at the outside edge and on the pockets. The cuff at the sleeves can be let down as the child grows. The elastic-waist pull-on pants have no side seam for extra sleeping comfort and include contrast bias trim at the hem that can also be let down as the child grows. Make the alternate view with ruffles for a sweet girls’ version. This pattern was released for the fall 2011 collection. Lots of holiday pajama sewing inspiration can be found here.

Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas

10) Bedtime Story Pajamas
Our other popular pajama pattern, the Bedtime Story Pajamas, is a boy’s or girl’s kimono-style pajama top sewing pattern features a band collar, on-seam sleeves, and full-front crossover wrap styling with ties at underarm. Elasticized pull-on children’s pajama pant sewing pattern features one-piece legs (no side seams for extra comfort) and a bound hem at the leg openings. This came out in Fall 2008, one of the first Oliver + S patterns suitable for boys that was available.

Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas

Were you expecting to see something on the list that isn’t here? How many of these ten styles have you sewn?




  1. Wow! I am very surprised! I’ve only sewed two of theses patterns.I didn’t imagine that pajamas would be best sold. My favourite ones are not in the list :)) (garden party dress, school days jacket, library dress, class picnic blouse, sunday brunch jacket).. I guess I´am the weird one 😉

  2. Emily

    I’m a little surprised the Field Trip Cargo Pants and Raglan T-shirt isn’t on the list – I feel like the raglan is really popular, and it’s such an easy thing to sew for people who don’t have much experience with knit fabrics.

    Not surprised about the Playtime Dress and Leggings – those leggings are such a quick sew, I’ve made about a million pairs for my daughter.

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve always wondered what the top patterns were.

  3. arlinajsk

    I’ve only started sewing in Oct 2017 and the first pattern I tried was the Sailboat top for my baby boy, then the bed time story pajamas for Christmas and the sketchbook shirt (just last month) for a wedding. I’ve learned so much! Next is the after school shirt, nature walk pullover for the Spring hikes, tea party unisex playsuit in the summer.

  4. Fascinating!!! I was surprised that the Roller Skate dress wasn’t on the list, because when that came out, it practically exploded onto the sewing blogosphere! EVERYONE made that pattern! But it just goes to show, you can’t judge sales by your blog feed. I am pleased to see some of my favorite boy patterns on the list – I know in general boy-oriented patterns don’t sell as well, but I sure love your boy patterns and use them all the time!

  5. Sarah Lippitt Houston

    I currently have 11 Oliver & S patterns and just bought 10 more! Would LOVE the ice cream and family reunion dress to be available in paper again!!??? Maybe? I would definitely be an instant buyer if they were!!

  6. liz n.

    From this list, the pajamas and Sketchbook shirt.

    We’ve had a run of little boys in the family, so I’ve been sewing pretty much exclusively for them. Now that there’s a new niece, I get to sew dresses again!

    But my all-time favorite is the Secret Agent Trench. Every single kid looks adorable in that thing–unless they’re over the age of six, then you have to say “cool” because “adorable” is not what they want to hear.

  7. I was surprised that none of my three favorites made the list: the Playdate dress, the Jump Rope dress, and the Crochet dress. I guess this just shows the depth of quality patterns are in your collection.

  8. Lisa

    The Music Box jumper that was sewn up for little S (featured in the original post) in the herringbone twill is making me want to sew up that version RIGHT NOW! It’s just perfect!

  9. frances

    As much as I’ve loved many of these pattern, I was surprised to not find the Library dress on the list; that is one superb pattern.

  10. I just want to share something. When I was growing up, my mother would sew from time to time.- curtains, dresses, halloween costumes. I played around on a machine a bit, but never got super serious. When my second child was born, my first child’s developmental disability was becoming more apparent and more difficult. It was very difficult to do much of anything. I needed a hobby so I took up knitting (which I already knew how to do). But knitting is such slow work, I started sewing as well. I saw a blogger post images of her bedtime story pajamas and I was hooked on Oliver and S. I made thing for the kids, and I began using Lisette and Liesl and Co to make thing for myself.

    I am a high school teacher English and psychology teacher and I taught kids to make pillowcases for charity after school. A student approached me to learn how to design and make garments (there are no home ec classes in out school). She dreamed of being a fashion designer and she had a stunning portfolio of designs, but she didn’t know how to work a sewing machine! We worked together after school to turn a couple of her designs into reality. She applied to and got in to FIT, and she is on her way to being a designer. She is specializing in children’s wear and I just heard she got a great internship with a major brand! My point is that I see the influence of Oliver and S in my and her life. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. What a fantastic story! Love that!! So glad you were able to use your skills to impact others!

  11. Sarah Huntley

    I have done three! Birthday Party Dress, Sailboat Top and Pants (haven’t tried the skirt yet), and the Bedtime Story PJs. I love the PJs, as my kids get older I start doing just the bottoms and my girls love wearing them.

  12. Playdate Dress is easily my favorite but the Sailboat Top (turned tunic) is a staple in my daughter’s wardrobe.

  13. Sarah Chude

    I’ve made the Sketchbook shirt about 6-7 times (once with a tiny pleated ruffle down the placket for a girl), the pjs once with plans for more and the layette set 3 times with more planned. I can’t wait for my new patterns to arrive!

  14. karen

    bring back these patterns! they are all timeless

  15. Sarah Lippitt Houston

    Oh, I agree ! I would love to see them back and a percentage of each printed on paper as well !! I know they would sell !

  16. Kris

    You, I have them all in all avail sizes. They are great! I love Oliver s patterns, they fit great and designs are so pretty! Thank you for sharing your talent with us all!

  17. KarenK

    So many precious memories tied to these patterns. Sounds silly but I poured hours into making beautiful clothes for my babies from these designs. I love them all.

  18. I have/made four of these – love them all! The playtime tunic is my most-frequently made of any of your patterns, because I used it twice to make sets of five Christmas Eve nightgowns.

  19. The Sleepover Pajamas were my very first Oliver+S sew, and I was hooked after that! I first found them when looking for reviews on for a McCalls pajama pattern that I owned, and EVERYONE panned the McCalls one but many, many people praised the Oliver+S one which I had never heard of before. After having spent $2 for my patterns at JoAnn, I was hesitant to splurge on OS but I did, and I have done ever since!! Such fantastic patterns, I recommend them to everyone! <3

    I've also done the icecream dress a lot (it might have been my second OS pattern!), and love using that as a gift for friends as it's such a quick sew. The playtime is our other favorite for girls – my kids live in theirs! And my son ADORES his sketchbook shirts! Though I just bought the new shirt pattern and I'm excited to try that out.

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