introducing the playtime dress, tunic + leggings sewing pattern

I’m so pleased to introduce you to the third of our new fall patterns, the Playtime Dress, Tunic + Leggings.



This is a really easy pattern that’s also extremely versatile. Leggings are such a useful wardrobe basic, and these sew up really quickly since they’re made with just one pattern piece. You’ll want to use knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch so you get a good fit and so they’ll have plenty of stretch to them, for comfort and lots of movement.


As far as the dress and tunic go, you can use knits or wovens for this pattern. The tunic and dress are a very simple, relaxed, loose-fitting style. The pattern includes a kimono-style sleeve (very easy to sew, for those of you who might be intimidated by the traditional set-in sleeve), three buttons (or snaps) at the back, and some really cute topstitching details to define the side seam pockets and to add a mock Peter Pan collar, like we’ve given this polka-dotted dress, with red stitching for the “collar.”


S tested out these patterns during our trip this summer and loved them. She wore the heather gray cotton jersey leggings all over the place (including to sleep, since I completely forgot to pack her PJs), and the tunic looked great with jeans and skirts as well as with the leggings. S’s tunic is a pastel polka dot print (from Jay McCarroll, I think?), and we use bright turquoise topstitching at the stitched collar and pocket to highlight the lines and to coordinate with the colors of the print.



We also made S a cozy pink French terry version of the dress, which she’ll wear this fall when the weather turns cooler. I think this one will be really wonderful during those bitter cold winter days; it’s almost like wearing a blanket! We had such a lot of fun with the dress, embellishing the faux collar with heat-set pearls to highlight the shape. It’s similar to some of the jeweled collars that are so popular right now.


I think those topstitched details on the pattern will be great with other sorts of trim to highlight them, too. I’ve cut out another version of the tunic in a cream-colored French terry and plan to add black trim to the faux collar and pockets, just for the fun of it.

This pattern is one of those styles that we refer to as a wardrobe basic, and these pieces are great because they’re appropriate for everyone from the littlest babies to the big kids. I like the pattern because all of these pieces are really comfortable and casual, and they look great in a wide variety of fabrics. I hope you’ll have fun with this style and it will become a wardrobe basic at your house!

We’ll have this, and our other new patterns, available for sale on the website tomorrow!




  1. emily

    Yay! My favorite of this awesome bunch! 🙂

  2. This tunic/dress is awesome – love the clean lines 🙂
    I have been looking for a similar Japanese pattern, but I’m pretty sure your instructions are way much better!
    And I love the final words (on sale tomorrow). Just in time for some weekend sewing!

  3. Stephanie

    This is incredibly adorable! I love your patterns!

  4. That heat-set pearl faux collar is so fun!
    And all the new patterns are available tomorrow? Woohoo!

  5. Jackie Myers

    I Love Love all your patterns. I have 2 no 3 little granddaughters. Ages 5,4 & 6 months. Can’t wait for the new patterns to release.

  6. Masha

    SO excited for this one. That topstitched “collar” is genius. I am going to make a million of these. And just one pattern piece for the leggings? SOLD!

  7. Love this! I think I can even sneak in some school uniforms with this pattern!

  8. Jan

    This one is adorable. Cheers!!!

  9. Beyond excited for this one. I foresee about a dozen of these outfits in my future.

  10. karen k

    Completely love the faux pearls!!!

  11. Tamara

    Roll on Friday! I just love these patterns

  12. MrsM

    Love this ! What’s the difference between a kimono sleeve and a set in sleeve?

  13. This is so cute! A really good go-to and I would love a better leggings pattern (than the one I drafted myself ;)). Super cute! I love the sweet neckline detail.

  14. DARCI

    Just confirming the pink polka dots are Jay McCarroll. Great basic pattern!

  15. Ooooh, those heat-set faux pearls: GENIUS!! And the cream / black combination sounds like a winner too!!

  16. Needlewoman2

    Dear Liesl and all the hardworking team at O + S; all your new season patterns are just marvellous!!! Thank you so very much. Although we in the antipodes are heading into spring/summer, your new designs will be perfect for children here, now. Playtime is a wonderful staple item, and as you say will be a go-to for everybody, all year round. Wonderful!!

  17. lea-ann

    where can I find the jersey stretch fabric?

  18. heather

    I love this one! I spotted the pink tunic on S in your trip pictures and hoped it was one of the new patterns! I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for years! My younger daughter is now 11 years old, but I still think she’ll get a lot of use out of it with leggings, pants and skirts. Thank you for another great pattern!

  19. Adrienne Hunter

    I would love to make this dress for my grandaughters in England and New Zealand, but I live in Fiji! Is it possible I can purchase the pattern and have it posted to me if I give you all the details?

    1. Absolutely. Just complete your order on our site. Alternately, you can purchase a digital copy of the pattern which you can download and print at home.

  20. Julianna Peacock

    Love! About to make my 3rd and 4th of these! For the heat set pearl version, shown above, do they hold down the facing? I don’t see stitching in the picture……but am not 100% sure if you stitch before the pearls or if the pearls hold down the facing. Advice? Thanks!! Julianna

  21. Juliana, I tacked down the facing at the shoulders for the fleece version because I didn’t want the topstitching to interfere with the pearls. I might also use a little Mistyfuse to hold the facing at the front, just to keep it from moving when the dress is worn. I hope that helps!

  22. Carolyn Piek

    I read you will be doing a pattern similar to Simplicity 2245, Lisette. Please
    Please Please
    I dream of sewing the dress in natural linen

    1. Carolyn, that pattern has been released already. You can find it here:

  23. Aachen-Stoffe | Christoph

    Hello Liesl,
    I’m about to do some do handicrafts for my niece. And your blog here is a perfect illustration and inspiration for me to do that. I hope she will appreciate my working time and will enjoy in wearing my future clothing 😀 But for that please answer my following question: how do you fixed the pearls? Are they glued? needled ? How do you did that?

    1. We used heat-set pearls for that version of the Playtime Dress.

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