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family reunion

an interview with hanji artist Aimee Lee

Today we have something a little different from our usual content–an interview with artist Aimee Lee. But once you start reading, you’ll see the connection to our usual subject matter!

spring inspiration round-up

Bring on spring! As you transition into spring sewing, here is a round-up to offer you lots of wonderful inspiration.

easter outfits sewn by you

You’ve been busy whipping up beautiful Oliver + S Easter wear for your little ones, and we thought it’d be fun to feature some of your hard work today.

around the world

I have to admit that I get a kick out of looking in the Oliver + S Flickr group every so often and seeing all the fun places that your Oliver + S garments get to visit. This little girl isn’t …

customized: family reunion dress

I always love to see what you do with our sewing patterns, and it’s especially fun to see how you customize them to make them your own. Here is an excellent example. This gorgeous Family Reunion Dress was sewn by …

summer sewing

Usually I try to check in on the Oliver + S Flickr group every couple of days. It’s always amazing to me how many new photos show up, because you’re a prolific group of sewists! I’ve been traveling for the …

introducing the new family reunion dress sewing pattern for girls

Every little (or not so little) girl needs a unique special-occasion dress. I’m not talking about the dress-up-party-make-it-with-six-pink-ruffles-and-sparkly kind of dress. I’m talking about the you-need-to-look-nice-but-not-like-you’re-trying-to-look-too-nice kind of dress. You know the dress I mean. It’s the one you wear …