six tutorials for seam finishes

Next month the Oliver + S blog will turn nine years old. During the past nine years we have been putting a lot of care and attention into creating inspiring and accessible sewing resources. Here is an example for you today as we are focusing on seams.

six tutorials for seam finishes

For every sewing project you do, you take one seam at a time. So let me introduce you to several you might be interested in using. These are really important steps that you don’t want to skip especially when sewing children’s clothing because children’s clothes need be washed so frequently.

1) Flat-Felled Seam

This has been one of the most frequently visited posts on the blog. It’s such a popular post, you must take a look and try a flat-felled seam yourself.

2) French Seams

Clothes need to last after they are washed again and again. French seams take a little extra time but have the added advantage of being super strong and looking very professional on the inside.

flat-felled and French seams

3) Straight-Stitch Seam Finishing

After washing the clothes multiple times you might start to notice fraying seams so by folding down and stitching the seam, it will make them stronger.

4) Pinking Finish Seams

Another way to finish your seams is by pinking.

straight-stitch and pinking seams

5) Bias Bound Seams

I don’t know about you, but I love sewing with bias tape. This one is ideal for the bias tape lovers out there.

6) How To Do a Faux Flatlock Seam

When working with knit fabrics consider doing a faux flat lock seam. We show you how with step by step photos.

Bias binding and faux flatlock seams


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  1. Susan Lee

    Excellent tutorials!

  2. Debbie Hill

    Such clever ideas! I like sewing down the seam a bit from the edge before pinking it–that is a clever idea! I use French seams when I make things that are lighter weight or special for my granddaughter. Thank you for these tips!

  3. Michele bourqye

    Of these which seam is the strongest 2nd strongest etc.

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