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six tutorials for seam finishes

Today it’s all about seams. Learn how to make seams that are strong and professional looking with these six seam tutorials from our archives.

how to do a faux flatlock seam

Shelley shows us how she tinkered with the tension settings on her overlocker to get a pretend flatlock seam. See an example of the results on an Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt modified into a dress.

flat-felled seams

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect flat-felled seam? Here’s how you can do it.

bound seams

Note: today we continue the series of seam finishing tutorials by April Henry that we started last summer. Bias Binding is a strip of material cut on the bias for extra stretch and often doubled.  It is used for binding …

pinking finished seams

Here’s how to finish your seams using pinking. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve a nice finish.

straight-stitch seam finishing

A finished seam is a technique used to secure the raw edge of the fabric exposed within the seam allowance. Finishing seams provides stability to the seam and overall garment, prevents unraveling, while also making a hand-made garment look professional. …

french seams

French seams give the wrong side of a garment a clean, finished appearance. This is an especially useful finish for very lightweight or sheer fabrics where a zigzagged or serged seam allowance might be visible. But it can also help …