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feed the animals coin purses sewing pattern

feed the animals coin purses sewing pattern
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Ever feel like something is eating up all your money? You’re right! Let these supercute coin purses gobble up your change, cash, and credit cards. Choose from a mischievous menagerie of money-eating friends, including a monkey, cat, and dog. They're so irresistible you can't make just one!

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  • What You'll Need

    Quilting cotton, linen, or other lightweight woven fabrics cut to the following dimensions:

    • 10" x 16" piece of fabric A (outside of coin purse, including face and ears)
    • 10" x 16" piece of fabric B (lining)
    • 3" x 6" piece for the monkey eye mask
    • 3 1/2" square for the dog eye patch
    • 2" square for the eyes for all animals

    3" x 4" scrap of felt for the zipper pull

    10" x 16" piece of lightweight quilt batting

    8" x 7" piece of double-sided fusible web such as Steam-a-Seam for appliqué

    Coordinating thread for appliqué and coin purse

    7" zipper

    Two 5⁄8" buttons for eyes (Try two different buttons for fun!)

    Two 3⁄8" to 1/2" buttons (Optional: if you want to stack buttons for the eyes, make sure all four buttons are all 2- or 4-hole to make stacking and sewing easier.)

    Embroidery floss for stitched nose on all animals and for cat whiskers

    Finished Measurements

    4" h (excluding ears) x 4" w (excluding ears) x 1 1/8" d

    feed the animals coin purses sewing pattern
  • Average rating: (4.6 of 5) based on 8 reviews

      Animals coin purses
    Reviewed by Jerri ( Verified Buyer) on 06/23/2023
    I made the dog for my great granddaughter. It was easy to make and turned out to be really cute. My great granddaughter was turning 9 and I think it was a bit too young for her. Also, it was fairly large for just a coin purse. I wished I’d put a shoulder length handle on it to make it into a tiny purse.
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      Animal Coin Purses
    Reviewed by Kellie ( Verified Buyer) on 08/25/2018
    I made all 3 in multiples and they turned out very cute. The first time through, I had trouble with the last step of instructions. Focusing on the picture for joining the lining to the main part of the coin purse helped, bc the directions weren’t explicit about what sides to place together and whether things were inside or right side out. I did get it after some seam ripping, though.
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      So cute
    Reviewed by Tara ( Verified Buyer) on 01/11/2017
    We made these cute coin purses for my daughter's friends and grandma for Christmas. She had fun picking out the material and helping where she could. They came together well and were loved. First project with so many pieces and with the clear instructions came out well. We made all three.
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      oliver + s never disappoints!
    Reviewed by Beth ( Verified Buyer) on 01/07/2017
    I bought this pattern a few weeks before Christmas, hoping to get one sewn up for my nephew as a Christmas present. The pattern was easy to follow (as always with Oliver + S!) and came together quickly - I was able to sew up a second one as a Christmas surprise for my son, after he had admired the one I was putting together for his cousin! I had fun individualizing them with different colored buttons and patches. I made both the cat and the dog, and both turned out beautifully. I don't consider myself an especially talented sewist, but Oliver + S patterns always come together well for me - and this pattern did not disappoint.
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      Well designed pattern
    Reviewed by Betty Moore ( Verified Buyer) on 12/13/2016
    I have used this pattern as is, and also adapted it to make ninja turtles and pokemon. Quick and easy instructions.
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      Animal purses
    Reviewed by Jean Matthews ( Verified Buyer) on 11/07/2016
    Thankyou for this cute pattern, it was easy to follow and I love making them. My grandchildren now have one each. I also had a Christmas craft fayre and they were popular there too. I would love some more of your patterns, as they are easy to follow. Thanks again Jean
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      The cutest little change purses of all time.
    Reviewed by Kaitlin ( Verified Buyer) on 08/23/2016
    I absolutely love these little change purses. They are adorable. My daughters (ages 3 and 5) oohed and aahed over them when they saw two that I made. They're a little tedious to make - lots of applique work and I don't enjoy sewing round things (I'm always afraid of the puckers). However, the cuteness factor is well worth the time it takes to make them. The instructions are extremely easy to follow - as all patters from Oliver and S are. I plan on making about 20 of these to give as gifts. I'm on #4 so 16 to go...
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      Cute and versatile
    Reviewed by UrbanStitcher ( Verified Buyer) on 11/21/2015
    This pattern was well worth the money. I made 14 pouches. After following the pattern for the first few, it was easy to modify and personalize for our grandchildren, nieces and nephews of all ages. You can see all 14 at: https://www.flickr.com/groups/straightstitchsociety/pool/with/22765754137/

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  • In the first version of this pattern, there was one minor error. In the gray-boxed section with the heading “Pattern Symbol Key,” the text said that all seams are 1/2". This should have said 3/8". This will not affect your use of the pattern as the seam lines on the pattern pieces are correctly located at 3/8".


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