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  • I’d like to make a Noord sweatshirt in a single solid color – without the colorblocking shown in the two pattern views. Any ideas about how much fabric this would require? Adding up the amounts given for each of the three fabric gives at least 3 yards for both view A and view B, but that seems like an awful lot of fabric for one sweatshirt.

  • I cut the dress out the other night. In case anyone else ever has the same question, I am making a 2T with a tiny bit of extra length in the bodice and almost 2″ of extra length in the skirt. I cut the skirt, collars, plackets, sleeve tabs, button loops, and sash out of 1 yard of fabric. It was not a tight squeeze to make it all fit, but I…[Read more]

  • Katherine replied to the topic Underwear! in the forum off topic 8 years ago

    I made my first pair of underwear last night, using the Seamwork Geneva pattern. It was pretty easy (although I am slow – it took me almost 3 times as long as the pattern suggests).

    There are a few things I’m going to change next time: it seems like the front end of the crotch lining pattern piece isn’t quite the right shape – on my pair, the…[Read more]

  • My niece has requested a giraffe dress with buttons on the front. It just so happens that I have some giraffe fabric and a matching polka dot in my stash – I have one yard of the dots and would like to only use one yard of the giraffes. Those of you who have made this before, do you think that’s enough fabric to do the bodice/sleeves in one…[Read more]

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