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school days

school days jacket sew-along, day 4

We have reached our last day of the School Days Jacket Sew-Along. Today we are finishing the jacket and making the optional insulated vest.

school days jacket sew-along, day 3

This is day three of the Oliver + S School Days Jacket Sew-Along where we will be preparing and attaching the sleeves, preparing the lining and facing, and assembling the jacket, hood, and lining.

school days jacket sew-along, day 2

This is day two of the School Days Jacket Sew-along which includes assembling the back jacket, sewing the shoulder and side seams, and sewing and attaching the patch pockets.

school days jacket sew-along

Join us for a four-day Oliver + S School Days Jacket Sew-Along. We’re happy to introduce you to several guest sew-along hosts who are each making their own version of the coat.

gearing up for winter

This weekend we bundled up for a trip to MoMA and a quick stop to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. (We were there with just a few other visitors…whoa!) It’s really starting to feel like winter here in New …

school days jacket + coat back as a digital pattern

Earlier this year, our School Days Jacket + Coat sewing pattern went out of print. As always seems to happen, once the style was no longer available we started receiving a large number of requests for it. So we’re happy …

summer sewing

Usually I try to check in on the Oliver + S Flickr group every couple of days. It’s always amazing to me how many new photos show up, because you’re a prolific group of sewists! I’ve been traveling for the …

school days jacket and coat back in stock

Earlier this year, we took the larger size range of the School Days Jacket and Coat pattern out of print. Now, due to popular request, we’ve brought it back for a limited time. This unisex pattern contains options for both …

field testing the school days jacket

Remember that wool-cashmere blend School Days Jacket? We had the chance to do some serious field testing on it yesterday. It passed all our tests with flying colors. See disdressed for the full visual recap.

her new winter coat

A few weeks ago on my personal blog, I posted about going fabric shopping for S’s new winter coat? Well, while at Mood I fell in love with this amazing navy blue wool-cashmere blend. It was $40 a yard, but …

wool options for the school days coat

As you’re planning your fall sewing, here are a few additional ideas for you. Many of you have been asking about wool fabrics for the School Days Jacket and Coat. If you don’t have a great neighborhood fabric store (and …