school days jacket + coat back as a digital pattern

Earlier this year, our School Days Jacket + Coat sewing pattern went out of print. As always seems to happen, once the style was no longer available we started receiving a large number of requests for it.

So we’re happy to announce that this style is available again as our second digital pattern.


School Days Jacket + Coat


This versatile unisex pattern contains options for both a lined, three-season raincoat and a heavy winter jacket with an optional quilted lining.

As we’re moving into winter here in the northern hemisphere, we’ve heard from many of you who are considering sewing the winter jacket version. Need a little inspiration for what you can do with it? After this style was originally released, Liesl wrote a couple posts here about jackets she’s made with the pattern. Here’s one that focuses on wool fabric options you can use for making the jacket. And here’s another that shows the version that S wore for a couple years (which she, sadly, has now outgrown). And if you have any concerns about sewing a coat at home that will stand up to the worst of what winter can throw at you, here’s a full field testing report on what the jacket can do. (Spoiler alert: it passes with flying colors.)


School Days Coat in the Snow


Like our recently-released Puppet Show digital pattern, the pattern file you’ll download once you complete your purchase provides you with options for either printing and tiling at home using a standard printer or for sending full-sized pattern pieces to a print shop that can handle 36″ wide sheets.

You can purchase the pattern now from our website. We hope you enjoy having it available once again. And be sure to share what you make using it in the Oliver + S Flickr group.




  1. This is great news, it is SUCH a GREAT pattern. I just finished sewing it up this week in wool coating for my son. I’m still marveling at how awesome this pattern is. It went together so well, it looks and fits great.

    And it is such a classic style, there are no other patterns out there that can even come close to comparing!

    Thank you for making it available this way.

  2. Karrie

    I’m so glad this pattern is back – I have it and I’m waiting for my fabric to arrive; I’m only just getting to make it now. I’m getting both wool and laminated cotton, so my kids will both be sportin’ fall & spring jackets in 2012!!

  3. My son was just complaining about his raincoat (Froggy coat is too babyish for a big 5 year old!) so maybe this is the thing to do. Would also like a nice dress-up coat for him…

    Thanks for the re-issue!

  4. Louise

    Gosh – what a lovely coat. Would love to make this for my daughter but she is 10. Any chance of scaling it up for the slightly bigger kids? We both love your patterns – classic but not old-fashioned.

    1. Louise, we don’t have plans to regrade the pattern into larger sizes. But you can check her measurements against the size chart and modify the pattern if you’re comfortable doing that.

  5. This pattern is so nicely done. I’ve created a raincoat based on it and it so easy to do it.

    You an check it here:

  6. christina hudson

    Hello, how much fabric is required to make the coat?

    1. Christina, you can find the fabric requirements on this page.

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