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flat s

flat s visits barcelona

Flat S has been released by pirates after a small ransom was paid, and she enjoyed visiting Barcelona–her port of call.

mapping the flat s tour

We’ve put together a fun little interactive map that lets you follow Flat S’s journey around the globe.

flat s pays a visit to muskoka, ontario

Flat S has checked in again, this time from Canada’s “Cottage Country” where she was shown a great time by Deb Adams and her family before being kidnapped by pirates.

flat s spends springtime in colorado

We’ve just received another report on Flat S’s journey. She’s just spent some time enjoying early spring in Colorado with the Knowles family.

flat s celebrates sydney

We’ve heard from Flat S again. It sounds like she had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Years in Sydney.

wish you were here, love, flat s

Flat S continues her travels through Australia. She’s dropped us a picture postcard with some highlights from her recent stop in Queensland.

flat s visits sweden

Flat S has been spotted again, this time seeing the sights in Sweden.

flat s goes to the beach

Flat S has been spotted again, this time at the beach. And, believe it or not, she has even learned to surf!