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Flat S is loving Australia! Because she’s such a smart little flat person, she decided to extend her visit down under so that she wouldn’t have to spend the first part of winter in the northern hemisphere. After having such a good time participating in sheep shearing season, she headed off to the big city of Sydney. 

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While there she was hosted for the holidays by Justine Jennings (aka justmejay on Flickr) and her family. Here’s a report from Justine about how they spent their time together.

After Flat S’s farm visit with the lovely Nicole, she made what was supposed to be a flying visit to Sydney.

She arrived at the beginning of December, just as we were putting up the Christmas tree, and once she saw all the lovely decorations (all the felt ones are made by my mum), she begged me to stay for Christmas. Of course we were thrilled to have her as a house guest for an Australian Christmas!




On Christmas Eve, we made a special sightseeing trip to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This was made even more special, as we were also meeting up with some Oliver + S friends: Colette (colesworth on Flickr) and her daughter Freya. Unfortunately, it was a very overcast day, but that still couldn’t diminish the beauty of Sydney Harbour.





As well as the Opera House and the Bridge itself, we had a lovely stroll around Circular Quay, stopping at the MCA and through The Rocks area of Sydney. This is the oldest colonial settlement in Australia, and it retains much of the original architecture and history of Old Sydney Town. We stopped at Cadman’s Cottage, the earliest surviving building in Sydney. Sydney is built on a sandstone shelf, and so sandstone was a common building material. (Now it is greatly sought after and is very expensive!)







Christmas Day began early – as is always the case at our house. The kids were up at 6:30, as excited as ever to see that Santa had been. Present opening is done in a flurry of tearing and paper throwing.


For the second year in a row, Christmas Day was grey and miserable (it rained for most of the day) so Flat S felt right at home. We had intended to eat our Christmas lunch outside, but were forced indoors. For our family, the day is celebrated with immediate family, grandparents and aunts, uncle and cousins. Lunch is a sit down affair, and is a combination of traditional (roast pork) and not so traditional (salads). And rather than a hot Christmas pudding, I make an ice-cream pudding instead – this years’ contained cherries, raspberries and small pieces of Cherry Ripe.




Boxing Day is also a traditional day for my family. We celebrate with my mothers’ sisters and cousins. More roast pork, but more cold meats and salads–with apple pie, lemon meringue pie and trifle for dessert. Flat S enjoyed herself immensely!


Sydney is very quiet after Christmas, and so we took the opportunity to just relax. The weather soon reverted back to typical Sydney summer weather, and Flat S enjoyed a swim or two.





Rather than spending New Year’s Eve on a plane, Flat S elected to see in the New Year with us. Again, our New Years’ celebrations are a family tradition. For about 20 years (yes, both John and I as well as our good friends, were high school sweethearts!), we have spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Deb and Gary  at Camp Cove, Watson’s Bay, which overlooks Sydney Harbor. We start the evening early, about 5pm, and have a picnic for dinner–lots of yummy cheeses and dips, mustard yoghurt chicken, and fresh fruit and fruit dip for dessert. In number, we have grown from the 4 of us, to 13! (They have 5 kids.)




Camp Cove was the site of the first landing place in Sydney Harbor, and Flat S enjoyed her afternoon. But the highlight, of course, had to be the fireworks!



We enjoyed having Flat S stay with us, and we are looking forward to her next adventure.

And so are we, as always! Thanks, Justine, for showing Flat S such a nice time in Sydney.




  1. That fireworks show is spectacular! Looks like Flat S had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year’s in Sydney!

  2. What a great post! Thanks so much for hosting Flat S. The REAL S and I watched the Sydney fireworks on-line and they were spectacular, indeed! Must have been so much better in person.

  3. Melanie

    Wow! It’s exciting to see so much of Sydney. I’m fascinated by the architecture, having only really seen pics of the opera house. Thanks for doing such a thorough job! Btw, for the confused Americans out there, “pudding” is the British word for desserts of any kind. I’m guessing Justine a made what we would probably call a ice cream cake, rather than a bowl of melty ice cream. 🙂

  4. Heidi

    Flat S did so much in Sydney! I’m impressed and glad she survived her swims! 😉

  5. Sarvi

    I love that she went swimming! What a fantastic trip! As always, I wish I could travel as comfortably in an envelope as Flat S!

  6. Colette

    Some memories of a fun day here ;o)

  7. I am totally jealous of Flat S, as usual! Sydney looks like such fun, as do the Jennings!

  8. Oh. what a great post.
    What a fabulous place to visit. I want to come next.

  9. Susanne

    What a wonderful visit! She looks like she had loads of fun in Sydney. Can I come dip my toes in the pool too? 🙂

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