mapping the flat s tour

After hearing from Flat S again last week, and learning that she’s on her way back across the Atlantic (under duress this time), I started thinking about all the places she’s gone and the experiences she’s had in the year and a half since we sent her out on tour. And what a tour it’s been. So far, Flat S has made 14 stops and has traveled 43,170 miles!

I thought it would be fun to put together an overview of her travels thus far, so I created an interactive map that charts her journey stop by stop along the way.

Flat S Tour Map

You can click on the map above or on this link to interact with the map and see some highlights of her journey. As she makes additional stops, I’ll update the map so we have a complete record of where she’s been, who she’s visited, and what she’s seen.




  1. Sarvi

    This is so cool! Wish Flat S could pack me in her bag and take me with her. I’m a good traveller, Flat S!

  2. Terrific idea having a map and links. This makes it much easier to find her past journeys and fun to to see it charted on a world map.
    Also, many people we encountered during her visit with us were quite interested in the whole concept Flat S and Flat Stanley for their children. I will send them this link.
    Meanwhile, here’s hoping she’s having good fun with Pirates while she sails across Atlantic to her next adventure! ARRRRR


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