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    Liesl Gibson

    Hey all, I asked Todd to create this group so we’d have a place to easily discuss sewing for ourselves. So first question: feedback on the new Liesl + Co patterns? Are these styles you want to sew for yourself?

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Just a tip for anyone who sees “you cannot reply to this topic” — click “join group” above, and then you’ll be able to reply.

    I LOVE both tops and if this month were not so insanely busy I’d have ordered and made them already. I absolutely love the Maritime top, it’s one of my favorite styles and I have a few that all have something slightly not right. The Gallery tunic is really a perfect top for me. Bit of sun coverage, simple lines, dressier than a t-shirt, can let the fabric do the talking. I bet it would be just as nice in flannel for winter as in linen for summer.

    I tend not to wear skirts very often and keep trying to sort out why — is it that I don’t have the right shoes to wear with them? I think in the end it’s just that I’m so used to wearing jeans. Just as my grandmother never got used to wearing any kind of trouser, I never got used to wearing any kind of skirt. I do like the skirt but will probably make the tops first.

    Cat75 @Cat75

    I love both tops. The Maritime I am nervous about because I haven’t sewn much with Knits. I have the hopscotch pattern though and I am going to make a few of them for my daughter (I already made 1 last week) and if they turn out OK I will try the Maritime. I love that style.

    I love the Gallery tunic most. I can see me making many of those shirts. I just have to finish up my current projects. OH, would it be hard to make it short sleeve? It’s getting hot where I am and I would get more wear out of it for the next few months if it was short sleeved.

    I don’t wear a lot of skirts or dresses. So the skirt, while very pretty, is not very practical for me. It also seems to look nice a little shorter than I feel comfortable wearing.

    Courtney Davis @sweeterthancupcakes

    I’d love to get feedback on anything I should change on the fit of this skirt. I guess I’m more blockish. I needed a 12 for the waist and an 8 for the hips, so I tried blending the sizes. It feels pretty good, but I’m not sure I have the right look. Also, where is it designed to sit on the waist? Mine is right at my belly button.

    Liesl Gibson

    Thanks, Sarvi and Cat! Courtney, the skirt is designed to sit at your natural waist, but it’s really a matter of your preference. Just like if you tried things on at a store, you get to decide how you want to wear your clothing. If you prefer it to sit a little lower, that’s up to you. Mine sits at my belly button or slightly lower, yes.

    Masha Richart

    I really love the Gallery Top – it reminds me of the Tova tunic which is a shape I love. I never made the Tova because my research indicates it doesn’t work well on large busts. I’m wondering how the Gallery will be for a large bust – I don’t see any darts – but I can’t make one for myself until after baby anyway and by then I’m sure there will be tons of them in the Flickr pool and someone will have worked that out 🙂

    The Maritime top is also something I would wear – I do have several go-to tshirt patterns already but I may add this to the roster just because of your great instructions.

    The skirt is the only thing I wouldn’t personally wear – but that is only because I don’t have the legs for it. The shape is really adorable but I am not sure the curved front would be flattering on me. Maybe if I lengthened it?

    dubhels2003 @dubhels2003

    Hello. I have bought all three patterns. I can really see the gallery tunic being made quite soon, in something light weight. If I had time before my holiday I would. I will also be making it to wear to work.

    I imagine the maritime top will be made again and again, although I can’t quite envision how it will work with different weights of jersey and with darts. I’m excited at being able to make this look very different my not making it stripey and by playing with it a bit.

    I am less certain of the skirt. The styling ideas help, as will variations posted in the flickr pool as people sew it up. The length makes me a little nervous, and while I know it can be lengthened, I can’t quite imagine that yet.

    Brittney @georgeandizzy

    I am so excited about the new tops. In fact, my patterns arrived this afternoon and I have the Gallery all traced off waiting for the kids to go to bed. #teampaper 🙂

    I have been nervous about sewing for myself, but I KNOW with your patterns I don’t need to worry. They will be drafted well and come with great instructions. I have made the Cappuccino tunic, the dress and two Bento tees for myself in the last week or two. My kids are beginning to think I may never sew for them again, haha!

    I do wonder, though, like @cat75 about making the Gallery a short sleeve- would that mess up the look too much? It is already high 80’s here, but I think I will give it a go at the 3/4 length in a lightweight gingham I have in the stash and see how long I can stand to wear longish sleeves for.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I love the Gallery so much, I just wish it was a two piece collar. I can see it becoming another Portfolio dress. Hunted down and sort after.

    The Maritime is divine, such a slimming and flattering style.

    The skirt is so cute, I am concerned how it will look on me as I have a very thick waist and poochy tummy but I love it.

    I can see how much thought went into these pieces. Well done.

    beachmom @beachmom

    I really like both top patterns and will be purchasing as soon as I have a little extra “me” money. The Gallery top looks like it would be the perfect top (made in a voile or gauze) to throw on over a tank top or camisole for the slightly cooler summer nights at the beach. I probably won’t make it as a dress as I like my dresses to be more fitted. I think (hope) that the Maritime pattern will interest my just about 16 year old. It should since it has a slimmer silhouette.

    I have no opinions regarding the skirt pattern as I really don’t wear skirts very often.

    Jane @jesims

    The skirt is the pattern that I found most intriguing. I <3 skirts! I wear them almost exclusively in the summer. I like that it is a wrap skirt for ease, but the slit up the front concerns me. I, like a lot of women, am not comfortable with my thighs and fear this may show more than I am comfortable with. I know it can be lengthened, but at 5’4″ tall, I am very careful about skirt length so as to not make my legs look shorter than they are.


    meleliza @meleliza

    I absolutely love my gallery tunic, but I have the same reservations on the dress length. I love the tunic with skinny pants and shorts to balance out the loose ness. There are very good instructions on full bust adjustments.

    The city stroll skirt is awesome. It’s fun to be a little short. Admittedly, I got to test it and wore it all winter long with tights. I got a lot of compliments from just random people. It’s very flattering and comfortable to wear. I’d like. A linen one for my summer traveling.

    The maritime top is super cute, but I don’t typically look great in a dropped shoulder. I’m so broad shouldered I don’t need any extra emphasis. Even in the 80s I cut the shoulder pads out of my clothes.

    Rhythm @rhythmtyagi

    I am still waiting for my mother to return from States to get hold of my Lisette patterns, so those would keep me busy for a while! However I would love to try the gallery top, it looks really comfortable. It’s my favorite from the new releases. I would love to try the skirt as well, I love the style. Maybe blue chambray.
    I don’t get knits easily, so the maritime top is out of question currently. Also somehow I look broader in t-shirts.

    mcholley1 @mcholley1

    First…YAY Team Paper!!! I loathe PDFs and am so happy to be able to buy paper patterns!

    I was lucky enough to be a tester for the skirt. I’m only 5’2″ and the skirt is a good length for me. It is a really fun, quick, and easy sew for anyone that is wondering about that. It does feel a little “open” when I wear it. However, I wear a pencil skirt at least three days a week and am accustomed to the way that feels. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to style it for me and what fabric to pick for my next one.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the gallery tunic! I’m a college professor and this is just the sort of comfortable, easy thing that can transition from work to playdates and elementary school activities for me. I hope to make several for fall. I second the wish for a two piece collar. I know they are more daunting to sew, but they wash and hold their shape so much better over time! (And, they look less homemade)

    I can’t say if the Maritime excites me either way.

    meleliza @meleliza

    I received my city stroll skirt in the mail. It made me so happy to have my actual hands on an actual piece of tissue that I can actually use right away! Just so everyone knows – it is the same high quality production we know from the Oliver + S patterns.

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