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Which pattern for pants?

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    avashmava @avashmava

    Hello all,

    I am venturing into clothing more after a good experience with the jump rope dress! I would like to make some rough & tumble pants for my boys and wonder which pattern would be best? They often rip holes in the knees of their jeans, and wear them thin in their sweat pants. I like the look of the cargo pants, especially the “give” in the knee area.

    Can you give me your experiences with the different pants patterns? Especially if you have boys who are hard on clothes?

    Thanks in advance!


    cybele727 @cybele727

    I haven’t made the field trip yet, but those pants have articulated knees which I believe means that they are stronger as a result. 🙂

    Tamara @justsewit

    I used the sandbox pattern a lot for my son prior to the field trip pattern. I found that on the whole my rough and tumble son and his trousers came out pretty well unscathed. Except a few mishaps wheat the fabric ripped through movement in a not seam area. I think I lost s few pairs that way just out of the constant washing of the fabric. His school pants though have stood the test and after two year only one pair is just starting to ware.

    I am yet to try the field trip pattern out but am looking forward to using it. I think it will be a fun pattern to use and also with the knee, it will help them to last longer. I like to use track suit fabric to make them for winter (sandbox that is) and I have made a couple of pairs in denim and they have done really well. Something that has surprised me is the corduroy as they were the ones that ripped in the unusual places. Mind you the quality was fabulous so that may have been a reason to explain it.

    For the Field Trip I think making them in denim would be fabulous. You could maybe try a chunky corduroy, possibly track suit fabric if you were going without the pockets and my first choice after denim would be drill / twill or maybe canvas? The fabric will give a different look and will also help with the longevity I think.

    Hope this helps.


    DianaH158 @DianaH158

    I, too, have only made the sandbox pants. They are a breeze to sew and they have held up well on my 2 year old. Haven’t made the field trip yet but I do agree that the knee will be very helpful in making pants last longer for rough and tumble boys!

    Tamara @justsewit

    Oh I forgot! Afterschool pants – they are still great for boys. I made a pair for my son in chunky corduroy and one in denim. I caution you though, they are slim fit so it will pay to maybe go up a size if your son is inetween (in between!) a size. They do look really fab in denim.

    Oh and because I am too late to amend my precious post, the quality WASN’T fabulous for the corduroy and I think that is why they wore so fast – silly Ipad likes to put words into my mouth!

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