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    shasta @shasta

    As mom to a boy, I’ve been swooning over the Oliver + S dresses for awhile now. My chance to sew a dress has finally arrived in the form of a gift for a friend (actually two dresses since she has twin girls turning one this summer). The problem is: I can’t decide which dress to sew! They are all so cute and the new Ice Cream Dress is really tempting. What do you moms of girls recommend? What is your favorite?

    April Henry @April1930s

    I really like the Tea Party dress – your question reminds me of this one I made for a birthday gift. The panels, yoke and lining really allow for fun fabric placements.

    Tea Party Dress

    Liesl Gibson

    I’m no help because my favorite pattern is always the one I just finished writing (after taking a little while to recover from the experience, that is). But I must agree with April that the Tea Party is fun to make and allows for lots of creative expression in terms of the fabrics you choose, the trims you select, etc.

    Toyota888 @Toyota888

    Hmm I’d have to say the Birthday Party dress, as a gift for sure. There is something absolutely polished about it without being fussy – the lovely regular pleats all tied in with the front tab. The ice cream definitely has a lovely zen quality which I actually probably prefer for myself… but as a gift the Birthday Party dress has star power!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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