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Where do you buy your labels from (American)?

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    cybele727 @cybele727

    Thank you. I will save my pennies and feel confident. I will likely go with grey background. The font color will be tough. Love periwinkle. But maybe not. Maybe turquoise. Shrugs. Oh the things that trip me up! 🙂

    rastis @rastis

    I’m hoping you ladies can help! I want to get some labels to sew into my children’s clothing (mostly the ones I sew although for uniforms as well)- not really for fashion purposes, but for ID purposes (preschool/school etc) i want to be able to sew them in easily and have the child’s name easily visible- what kind of size/options do i want for this?

    do i need to sew it in flat or can i fold it and sew into a back/collar seam whilst putting the garment together? is there enough room at each end of the label to do that? or do you need to put blank spaces at the beginning and end? i’m quite confused by these websites and hoping you ladies who have ordered before might be able to help me out!

    thanks so much!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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