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What fabrics are you planning for your Fairy Tale?

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    meleliza @meleliza

    I have all kinds of dreams for this dress. I have read through all the instructions carefully and I really think it’s the best pattern out there for a little girl’s fancy dress. Obviously, it can be nice for casual things too, and’s it’s definitely a plus to have versitility built in. I’ve got visions of linens and silks dancing in my head!

    My very first (squee!) client has chosen an Anna Maria voile from my stash for her holiday dress. She wants no collar or sleeves, though her mother and I think sleeves would be best, she held firm. I do love a girl who knows her mind! We’ve decided on a bow in a soft pink to coordinate with the dress as well as pink lining to really make the pink in this semi-sheer fabric pop. At first I thought of a cotton silk blend for the bow, so it’s nicely shiny, but now I’m thinking I’d get a very professional match if I used one of AMH’s solid voiles for bow and lining, since her solids are coordinated with her prints. How does that sound to you?

    and how do we feel about this dress in voile in general?

    Tamara @justsewit

    I think it would be perfect for summer – very floaty.

    I have an Amy Butler print that I have earmarked for this dress but I won’t do a bow. Instead I will do a cumberband with fabric rosettes for something different. There are endless choices in my stash to make this dress and each would be individual. I can’t wait!

    Reeni @Reeni

    I am planning on making this for my daughter’s very first school pictures (she just started pre-k!) the first week of October, to be used again for Thanksgiving probably; I’m also planning to modify it for a halloween costume/dress-up princess dress.

    For her school pictures, I am thinking dupioni if I find any in a nice color, or taffeta in a small-scale plaid or stripe (because I am a lunatic, I have the deep lavender tulle for the underskirt already but need to find a main fabric). For the princess dress, she’s already approved a pale blue polyester satin, with sparkle chiffon for the bow.

    I think voile would be lovely, ethereal and fairy-like.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    Oh this is so funny. I just came back from the fabric store and said to my husband, I am having trouble deciding which fabric I want to use.

    Sarah Jane’s balloon fabric is perfect for a birthday party dress.

    I am dreaming of a small scale animal print with a contrasting piping around arm neck and waist for a snappy casual dress ala the 1950s.

    I saw the most awesome peacock blue dupioni silk today. This may be thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday! 3x for a dress dress for a 3 year old is good, right?

    Then I had this vision of a snowflake dress of ice blue with a double layer over skirt with snowflake shaped cut outs with a slightly deeper ice blue beneath. Which then brought to mind Cinderella.

    And the reality is budget constraints and how many dresses does a three year old who has no need to be dressy need?

    meleliza @meleliza

    Indeed! But I never get sick of making them! I love the Sarah Jane balloons. Last year I did her birthday in that theme. I think I saved enough of the parade print to make a skirt, not sure if there’s enough for a dress.

    Voile is nice for summer too, but this is a holiday dress. Shell wear it for thanksgiving and Christmas. Probably she’ll need a sweater too, but then even if it’s cold outside, a house full of people is usually warm,so I think she’ll be ok. Ingot some swatches in the mail yesterday and I just need to decide on the bow color.

    There are so very many possibilities!

    Lisa @ldk237

    I am currently pondering fabric choices for my daughter’s Fairy Tale birthday dress. I’m eying up some Shantung/Dupioni Silk on the Mood website. Can anyone weigh in with suggestions? What other types of fabric should I consider? She has been wanting a ‘princess dress’ for some time so I really want to deliver something she will be thrilled with!

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Dupioni silk would be absolutely lovely, and I’d be tempted to swap the skirt gathering for pleats as it would pleat beautifully and then stick out very nicely.
    I’ve made it with silk satin, quilting cotton and organza type silk with underlining. Every one has worked just how I’d imagined it.
    I think the crispness of a shantung would be perfect!

    Reeni @Reeni

    Before the BB Dress book came out I drafted a princess-seam long dress for dd’s First communion based on her beloved Fairytale dress. I used dupioni, with french seams, lined with cotton voile — it was comfortable and beautiful with just the right amount of swirl and spin, and held the (painstakingly, squintingly applied) beads nicely.

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