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Trying to use parts of Baptism dress for First Communion Dress …

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    rimoxie @rimoxie

    My daughter’s baptism dress had a long very full skirt made of a sweet cotton dot with lace at the bottom. I attached a photo. Because she was 3 when she was baptized, the skirt of the dress still fits at age 7. I really would like to use it for her First Communion dress this year, for sentimental sake, but am trying to figure out a new bodice – since the original bodice *is* too tight. I will probably use either the Fairy Tale dress bodice or the Library dress bodice pattern, both of which fit her well. And just attach to the original skirt. The problem is the fabric. It’ll be impossible to match the skirt fabric and even a plain white will likely not be the same tone white. I’m having a hard time figuring out something suitable. I’d love any ideas. What about a plain white, with organza over the top? I also thought about maybe jersey, but that seems casual. Would love your ideas… thank you so much!

    Enbee @Enbee

    Mind you, I’ve never made this pattern, but what about using the baptism dress fabric for the center panel of the Hide and Seek dress? I *think* you could maybe even continue the center panel onto the skirt, but that’s based 100% on the line drawing (I don’t own the pattern). But I’ve seen some beautiful examples of that dress being used to showcase a small bit of special fabric.

    Liesl Gibson

    I agree that jersey might be too casual. That’s a gorgeous dress! Are you sure you want to take it apart? If so, you could use the fabric from the original bodice for part of the new bodice, like @Enbee suggests. I suspect that you could match the color and texture of the original fabric pretty closely, especially if you sent a swatch to Farmhouse Fabrics or someplace like that. Then you could color-block a Fairytale Dress or use the leftover fabric to make ruffle sleeves or something in order to tie the two fabrics together. I hope you’ll show us how it turns out! What a special dress it will be!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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