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Topstitching, where?

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    lifeinoz @lifeinoz

    Help! I’m working on the school days jacket and have gotten to the section “Assemble the Front Jacket Panels”. Step #5 – I have attached the front placket to the front of the jacket and have ironed my seams open. Now I want to topstitch the seam to the placket, but this step is literally blowing my mind….well that and the fact I have six kids at home, ha! The graphic shows the piece still right sides together but am I opening it and then topstitching?!?

    Anybody have a picture of this step or know what I’m talking about?? I’m doing View B if that helps….

    Tamara @justsewit

    Hi lifeinoz,

    I made this for my son, not sure what view it is – http://www.flickr.com/photos/justsewit_tk/6157966436/in/set-72157632552603264. You can see the topstitching clearly on this photo.

    From memory I think you press the seams together toward the centre and then topstitch.

    I hope this is helpful. Will pull out the msgructions later and have another look to see if there isnt anything else that might be helpful.


    beachmom @beachmom

    I don’t have the instructions in front of me, but feeling one of the raincoats I made, it feels like the placket’s seam is pressed open and I topstitched on the placket side. Clear as mud?lol There’s a blogger who did a sewalong of the coat but the pictures are no longer up: http://jemjam.typepad.com/jemjam/school-days-coat-sew-a-long/ There might be some helpful info in the text though.


    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Hi there, if you can wait, i should be working on this step tomorrow and can take a photo. Did you look at the illustration for step 6? Can you see how you’d get there from where you are now? I guess I don’t know which part is confusing you — when you ironed your seams open, did you then fold it back so it was right sides together again? If not, isn’t it opened out flat like the illustration in step 6?

    lifeinoz @lifeinoz

    Thank you for all of your replies. I figured it out. This coat has been so exciting I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 straight nights. Tossing and turning dreaming about laminate cotton, ha!!

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