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    Tamara @justsewit


    It’s been a while.

    My 14 year old daughter is weeks away from her first dressy event. She and her cohort of boarders will be going on a dinner cruise in about three weeks. It will be her first sort of “dance party” type event and she needs a dress.

    The dress code is “cocktail” style but it’s been specified that it has to be pretty but not too fancy.

    These are unknown waters for me! And I think I need a little help.

    She likes the fit and flare style of dress so I have been searching through my current pattern collection for something that might be suitable.

    She wants pink – because naturally it is her favourite colour and because I have to buy shoes made to order we have to decide on these things early.

    Is silk too fancy do you think? Or should I go for a different fabric? And what kinds should I go for?

    I can do a sort of muslin for fitting purposes while she is still away as I took her measurements but when she is home over the long weekend (first weekend in March) I will need to make it hollis bollis so she can return to school with it.

    So, can you assist please? Thanks in advance


    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    A fit and flare dress is silk would beautiful and appropriate for the situation. If you already have a pattern she likes (and optimistically fits) that is quite casual making it out of silk will bring a simple design into appropriate for 14 year old “cocktail” style.
    I suspect the “cocktail” specification is to prevent some girls turning up in full on floor lengthy ball gowns!
    Having been to the leavers dinner last year the one girl in a gorgeous floral sheath dress stood out as very elegant when lined up with the other girls mainly wearing white/pale draped dresses. And there was the beautiful fit and flare knee length red and black polkadot outfit (dress and shoes) that looked stunning! Although this was a “formal” event not “cocktail”.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Hello there Heidi😄

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I think they might’ve felt a little overdressed last year judging from the comments in the newsletter. We didn’t purposefully go looking for dresses over the summer holidays but as we were walking through Myer she made the comment of “I like that one!” To a black and red fit and flare on the mannequin. I asked her what in particular she liked and she said she didn’t really care for the colours but the style is what she loved. And here I was looking at these dresses with frills and flounces. I have noticed that the more popular styles are straight almost bodycon and I think she will be more comfortable in the fit and flare and it will balance her out because she is top heavy.

    I will need details on bright pink or subtle “ice” pink as this will influence the shoe order.

    With the bust measurement in mind I might have a crack at a muslin using the Upton dress. We can always shorten the skirt to a more appropriate length – they like to go shorter – and then go from there. It’s a pattern I am familiar with and I think would look great on her. Plus when she saw it for the first time, she was rather enthusiastic about my making her one so it’s for the win.

    I am actually hankering to find out if she will let me smock the waistband😉 Just for something different and with beading it will look rather pretty and unique. It’s often the little details that make a dress.

    Thanks again

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    The Upton would be great!

    Beverly @Beverl55

    Elegant net with satin and laces will look good.

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