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The 'too much clothes' conundrum!

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    wendy @wendyls

    Too much clothing…yes. Ditto here. I’ve been sewing for my daughter for two years now but I cannot compete with the packages of clothing she gets in the mail every few months from her grandma. Even if I were to hot glue sequins onto all of the things I make and dust them with purple fairy dust they could not possibly beat the thrill of finding those bundles in the mail box! But that doesn’t stop me,of course. I enjoy making them too much, and if they don’t get worn as much as I’d like or if the drawers are a bit over-stuffed then so be it.

    This is my current problem, though: Dad has recently taken it upon himself to fill in the gaps in her wardrobe after a growth spurt. He has no interest in clothing but suddenly feels the need to have a hand in this. Fine, o.k. He’s really into thrifting, which I’ve nothing against, but it does get harder to find those ‘gems’ in sizes for older kids.

    These were the rules we’d agreed upon: garments must in good shape, proper size, match the general wardrobe, no weird graphics and no boys clothes (particularly ones with things like trucks on them). He actually scoffed when I mentioned trucks, as if he would never, EVER, do something like that.

    Now, a day after this was all discussed he and our daughter come home and she gleefully shows me her new duds, the prize being a pair of boy’s swim trunks, about 3 sizes too large, covered with velociraptors, a few t-rexs, and blazing orange letters that say ‘dino pack’ or something like that. Ridiculous, and totally defying the mandate. I’ve stuffed then deep into a laundry bag. Is that bad? I figure I’ll wait and see if she asks for them. 🙂

    Jess M. @mommy2maria

    No advice, just lots of hugs! I’ve had to scale back my sewing a bit because certain items she’s able to stay in longer. We want more, so I’m hoarding all of her clothes in case the next one is a girl. LOL

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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