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The best part of my weekend is ….

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    Tamara @justsewit

    I’m not really one to go about boasting about personal achievements but I just HAD to tell someone this piece of news – I just simply CANNOT hold it in.

    So seeing as it IS the weekend and it has so far been the best part….. The best part about my weekend so far has to be, finding out the results of the show that were just posted on the website for all to see!!!

    Out of six entries, I scored 4 first places, one second place, one nothing and the best bit ….. TWO BEST EXHIBITS IN THEIR SECTIONS!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    We are heading to the show on Tuesday so I will be able to find out which one of my dressmaking entries got the “best exhibit” title – the other was for my dressed doll in her Nicey Jane dress.

    I just thought I would share this with everyone and possibly find out, what is/ was the best part about your weekend?

    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    Wow! Big congrats to you! That is so very exciteing. 🙂

    beachmom @beachmom

    Congratulations Tamara! Was the smocked School Photo dress one of the best exhibits?

    Our weekend is just starting but the best part so far is that my husband took our son to his football game (they have to be there an hour early) so I don’t have to stand around for an hour freezing my butt off. I’ll show up right before the game starts.:)

    Adrienne @Adrienne

    Congratulations! What great news!!!!

    My weekend just started….and I’m on my first cup of coffee….I don’t know what I’m going to do with the weekend yet…but the best part always is that I do not have to rush anywhere! ; )

    meleliza @meleliza

    Congratulations Tamara! That’s really exciting! I hope youl, post some pictures of your entries for us to see.

    The best part of my weekend is usually some uninterrupted sewing time. We spent most of today cleaning up lots of plaster dust, so I really hope I get sewing tomorrow. I’m way behind schedule with baby’s birthday dress. But I’m fighting a cold and therefore a little low in energy.

    thejennigirl @thejennigirl

    That is AWSOME! Go you!

    I’m in food preservation insanity this weekend. I know I’ll be happy with the results, but right now, my back, feet, legs, and hands hurt.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Thanks ladies – such a thrill to find out and even more of a thrill to see that you aren’t actually dreaming. It is ALMOST like winning a lottery (not that I ever have).

    The denim smocked School Photo Dress did get first prize for the smocking section but because it is pitched against every other form of Needlework by hand, it would have been difficult for that to beat some of the embroideries these ladies turn out are simply out of this world amazing!! I’m glad it got a first though because it’s terrific in itself.

    I entered my Australian girl doll dressed in a smocked dress in the green stripe from the Nicey Jane range (she has red hair and green eyes) and that won a first for the Dressed doll (sewn clothing) section and also the best exhibit in the dolls and bears section which is normally a huge section!

    I entered a Christening gown I had not completed for last year’s show that I just finished off and looked at thinking what WAS I thinking (with all those scalloped edges and shadow embroidered bows and knowing I’d made the majority of it using my old machine)- put it this way, it’s pretty, I have one already and it isn’t a Martha Pullen heirloom sewn frothy concoction (thankfully). That actually had something against it and won a first prize.

    My three piece – the Sketchbook rocket shirt, Sandbox denim pants and School Days Jacket was entered in the Baby and Childrenswear up to age 8 (not more than 3 pieces). That won a first prize and I have a feeling this was the one that got best exhibit in the Dressmaking section also (it’s out of this or the christening gown)

    My little stumpwork butterfly got the second place in the miniature embroidery section. It had to be no bigger than 8cm square and mine was 4cm in the design.

    Unfortunately my bag with the rockets on it (which was entered in the item featuring applique section) got no where but then I was sort of expecting that after seeing my mother’s entry – a cushion made from the William Morris applique book (I’m bracing myself for comments come show day). Sometimes you just have to try your luck and see how it comes off but I will stick to what I know next year I think.

    I have photos of all of them except the christening gown on my photostream in flickr which you are welcome to look at.

    Isn’t it great to get husbands to do the sports run? My kids only swim and dance so it’s down to me to do all that but my hubby will help out on sports day which is great.

    Adrienne put your feet up and enjoy that coffee – always the best way to start ANY day. Hope you get some sewing done this weekend.

    Meleliza, vitamins, hot lemon and honey and lots of tissues. I find Asian Laksa soup really really good for unblocking the nose!!! Hope you get sewing time too.

    Well I have day two of my weekend and the second best part so far has been my extremely productive day sewing yesterday. I made three bucket hats, one sketchbook shirt and one music class shirt up to handsewing and buttonholes yesterday. Mind you I started at 5am and went right through until 11pm – a long day I know but I think I had too much coffee and just couldn’t sleep even though my body was tired and I have some sort of lingering bug (I know how you feel Meleliza).

    Today I will finish off with buttonholes (hemming the jumprope dress) and do handstitching in the car to Perth aswell as the other mundane things – oh what a weekend!

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies!


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