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Sunny Day shorts

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    Sheila @sherob

    I’ve made loads of these for my grandchildren, I love the pattern and have recommended it no end of times. Howeveer, I’m coming unstuck on the oldest one, now 7, she has always been very tall for her age, now over 4’6″, and is also now quite shapely. The largest size on the pattern is 12. I can easily add to the length, as I think they’ll be a bit short for her. But I’m not sure whether even the age 12 will be big enopugh for her (assuming I’m using woven fabric). There’s no finished hip measurement given, only a finished waist, which is shown as 31 1/2″ extended (i.e. with the elastic stretched out).Given that her hips are 30″, that seems a bit tight to me. There isn’t any shaping on the hips at all, so I don’t think there’ll be enough spare for her to sit down in them. Any thoughts? Or are they just not suitable for girls once thewy have hips? Is there a better pattern?

    Enbee @Enbee

    I don’t have experience making these shorts for kids at the upper end of the size range, but I have made them in knit with good success – that would provide a bit more ease. I think you could also fairly easily just widen the pattern pieces (maybe just the back panel, maybe both) and add a little onto the waistband.

    Also again no experience yet with the upper end of the size ranges, but I adore the Art Museum pants as shorts, and the back darts provide some shaping. I might avoid the Class Picnic shorts, but that’s based solely on my experience sewing them for my (at the time) 2 year old – I found them to fit her a little snug, and when I make them again I’ll size up. But again, no experience with the 5-12 range there, so I wouldn’t discount someone else’s recommendation. On the other end of things, I find the Field Trip cargoes to be a generous fit that makes nice shorts, albeit a definite style of shorts that may or may not be what you’re looking for.

    Jeanette Madden @jeanettemadden

    Are the sizes up to size 4 designed to accommodate diapers? Also, is there a size chart on your website that indicate a waist measurement for the different sizes? Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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