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Sizing/Knits/neck size large enough for head?

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    cybele727 @cybele727


    So many questions…

    1) Sizing… my G is a 5 chest, 10 waist, 4 hip . (she has no butt at all and a distended belly). She has a long torso. For the reason of the belly, we usually do a line and high waisted/yoke dresses. But a wrap will also hide the belly deformation. This has a traditional waist placement… is it right on the waist or high or low?

    What size to make? Needs to be lenthened to an 8.

    2) I’d like to make in a knit. Is the neck opening large enough for a normal sized noggin? If I don’t have to do the key hole, I would love to avoid it for the knit! I am confident in changing the neckline/opening if need be.

    I can’t do Girl on the Go for two reasons…

    1) not twirly enough, and

    2) Starts at 8 and while she’s 9, her measurements aren’t an 8. With the exception of the belly distension, she is a basic 6 except in length.

    49 lbs (10th percentile) and 49 inches (25th percentile).

    Liesl Gibson

    I’d recommend that you look at the finished measurements for this style. You’ll want to choose your size based mostly on the chest, but check that the waist is more or less in line with what you need. The skirt is flared so the hip doesn’t matter. In terms of where the waist hits, definitely hold the pattern up to her to check whether you like the placement. It’s quite easy to add/subtract length and you’ll only need to change three pieces (front, back, wrap), so that won’t take much time. With the neckline, too, check the pieces to see if it’s big enough. I would think that you’ll need more than the basic neckline unless you’re sewing the neck with a knit neckband instead of the way it’s written. I hope that helps!

    cybele727 @cybele727

    Thanks, it does make sense. I may have to just to a woven to start with and once I get the “feel” of the construction, I can modify with knowledge!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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