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Sewing with Rayon- Fabric Care

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    cybele727 @cybele727

    Hello everyone:

    When sewing with Rayon what do you do?

    Do you pre-wash?

    Do you pre-wash only if you intend to wash?

    Do you intend to dry clean rayon?

    Can you/should you wash rayon?

    How do you handle it??

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I’ll be watching this thread with interest. I have only used rayon once, for the skirt of a dress with a cotton bodice. I had to wash it as I’d dyed it with indigo, and thereafter I machine washed it along with other cottons. I have probably machine dried it by accident once or twice (kids’ clothes always sneak in there) but usually line dry. It started off and remained very soft, but being a kid’s dress it was quickly outgrown and sent off to a new home before getting a significant amount of wear.

    Brittney @georgeandizzy

    I always prewash everything. I make sure when I buy Rayon that it is a kind that can be washed, I don’t have the time to hand wash or to take it to the cleaners.

    I typically wash in warm and then dry on medium heat the first time, because there is a very good chance it will eventually slip past me and end up being dried or washed warm so it’s best to get the shrinkage out of the way. When I pay attention to the laundry, though, I wash in cold and hang dry then iron as needed. I sew quite a bit with rayon and never have had a problem.

    jax @capnjax

    I wash everything in my machine, even wool as it has a setting for it. I would was it on cold on a gentle setting and hang dry. Dry cleaning is for the birds.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    I’m sold! I will wash and dry my rayon!

    Liesl Gibson

    I’m with the group: I wash and dry my fabric before cutting and then line dry after sewing. The wash and dry is a just-in-case precaution–because every once in a while something sneaks into the drier. But rayon is a pretty durable fabric, for the most part, so you should be fine with machine washing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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