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    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Thank you, ladies!

    Jess M. @mommy2maria

    I’ve read quite a few reviews and it seems to be popular opinion that if you can, get a serger and coverstitch machine separate, because for most machines, it’s too fiddly to deal with switching to the coverstitch–and it tends to be the same price or sometimes actually cheaper to buy the two machines separately.

    I have no actual knowledge of this, since I’m still hunting for a serger and likely won’t get one until Oct/Nov/Dec anyway.

    Kim @kmac0107

    Earlier in this post I also investigated sergers. This is what was helpful for me: I went to a local sewing machine shop and explained the kind of sewing that I do. For me it is multiples of one Oliver & S pattern at a time to build a wardrobe for my granddaughter. I originally went in to buy a serger specifically to sew the City Weekend interlock. I ended up with one overlock machine, that does both, rather that two separate machines. I can serge all of my seams in quilting cottons before I sew the seams together and with the interlock I can sew and serge at the same time without using the knife. Then after I have made several interlock pants and shirts I switch to coordinating color threads and use the coverhem. The sewing shop allows me to bring in my machine and sit down with them as many times as I like and that is what has allowed me to learn this. There is a learning curve.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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