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    nicky @nicky

    Hi everyone, Am in need of good advice pretty pIease , I know you have had discussions on the sergers before but im about to buy one here in the uk and cant afford to get it wrong. I need to use it everyday for work as I am a designer maker so it needs to not be temperamental. It needs to overlock/serge really well ,would like a decent rolled hem and differential feed for gathering. was hoping for a coverstitich too but can see the advice for a separate machine makes sense. I have a dealer who has a baby lock prestige and a brother 3034 and 1034d for sale . he also has all the other babylocks but I just cant afford them. so im looking at a mid range machine ? i …… ANY ADVICE SO SO SO WELCOME! Liesle what overlocker do you use?

    wendy @wendyls

    Hi Nicky,

    I went through this recently and settled on the Brother 1034D based on reviews, advice given here and budget. I’d come to the conclusion that I couldn’t find anything much better at that price point. I’m very happy with it, although it is my first serger and I don’t have anything to compare it to. I haven’t tried a rolled hem yet, but the gathering foot has served me well so far. Basic serging has been a breeze, although I often find that my tension settings differ from those given in the instruction manual. But after the initial fiddling the results have been great. I can’t say how well it will hold up (maybe someone else will pipe in here) given that I’m running it quite often, but at the price I wouldn’t be too heart broken if I had to replace it in a couple of years with something more ‘serious’. But, honestly, I can’t see that happening soon. So far it’s been a reliable little machine.

    Hope that helps!


    nicky @nicky

    thank you for your reply wendyls,

    nice to here an honest review of that model. I had read similar on that model and that in its price range its pretty good , then read some wildly differing views of people who had basically binned it! so am hesitant to go forit, was hoping I would hear of a different model that people find reliant, even if its a bit more expensive but not in the evolve league anyone ??????

    x nicola

    Noodles @Noodles

    I have a Janome MyLock 644D. I’ve had it for nearly 10 years now and it’s a trooper. It’s sewn everything from knits to curtains to jeans and the kids clothes. It just keeps chugging along. It does a nice rolled hem, and 3 or 4 thread overlock. Like all overlockers, it takes some time to get used to threading, and trouble shooting if a thread keeps breaking, but over all it’s relatively straight forward to use and doesn’t present too many issues. Not sure where it sits on the price range though.

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