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Seam finishes when overlaying with tulle

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    dubhels2003 @dubhels2003

    I’m making a garden party in slinky lilac/blue synthetic fabric, which I have overlaid with a nylon lilac/blue tulle. I have cut the tulle longer than the dress. I have sewn the dress by treating the tulle and fabric as one throughout. Due to the tricky nature of the fabric, which frays A LOT, I was planning to do french seams.

    I’m close to sewing he front to the back, and I’m now wondering how to do the side seams. If I french seam them, then the tulle which hangs lower than the fabric will be all bunched at the side seams, if that makes sense. In any event I’m not sure how to sew two layers of tulle together. Do you have any advice or suggestions please! Thank you.

    thejennigirl @thejennigirl

    I did something similar the first time I made this pattern.

    I had to sew the skirt side seams in layers; the base fabric was french seamed, the overlay was french seamed, and then I put the 2 layers of skirt together before attaching to the bodice. For the bodice, I basted and then sewed the side seams wrong side together, ironed (I have an iron cover to protects the fabrics from the direct iron heat, if you don’t, use an ironing cloth) until the seam was good and set, trimmed the seam bulk, turned, ironed again, and finally stitched the rest of the french seam. Once the seam was sewn, I ironed it again to set the seam, and before it could cool, I turned the bodice right side out and ironed the seam again, making sure the fabric layers were smooth and neat.

    I hope this helps.

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