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Raise neckline?

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    charlene10is @charlene10is

    I am new to sewing clothes for myself, but am excited to try the new Cinema dress. It is beautiful! I am very small busted and do not think that neckline would look very good on me. Would it be possible to raise the neckline cutout more towards my clavicle? Thanks for any advice you may have for this novice!

    Lynda @Lynda

    Eagerly awaiting answers to your question as though I’m not small busted for my chest size, I have narrow shoulders, ‘boney’ clavicle area and as an ‘older’ woman would prefer not to have the low notch.

    Would taking the notch out affect the neckline at all?

    Brittney @georgeandizzy

    I’ve not made the Cinema but have made the Hide + seek (the kid’s equivalent), I left the notch off a h+s and it didn’t affect it at all.

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Here’s what I’ve done to raise necklines (yep, no cleavage to speak of either)

    The front neckline I likely to be on the fold. If it’s one piece all the way to the shoulders then it’s easier. I don’t have the Cinema pattern (yet) but I’m guessing the neckline is split over two pattern pieces.

    Trace the pattern pieces for the front and yoke and overlap them so that the seam allowance is taken care of.

    With a piece of paper or pattern tracing medium of your choice underneath, add the height you want to the centre front neckline.

    Mark a dot here. Now draw a gradual curve from this point to the edge of the neckline at the shoulder.

    It will be symmetrical because it’s cut on the fold. Just make sure the bit at the centre front I almost flat so you don’t end up with an accidental notch.

    Or, of course, use the notch feature of the pattern and it won’t matter if your curve is less than perfect.

    Hope that all makes sense. Apologies in advance for typos. Typed on the phone while making breakfast. 🙂

    Nicole @motherof5

    If the dress has back opening there is no reason why you cannot raise the neckline.

    I would do it as McStitch has suggested.

    Liesl Gibson

    You could absolutely raise the neckline. You’d just need to alter the front yoke, raising the neckline as desired. I’d suggest trying it as is before you raise it, however. You might be surprised how flattering it really is!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    If it’s really only the notch bit that’s a concern, you don’t need to change the pattern piece — the front yoke is cut on a curve, then the notch is stitched, and the seam allowance trimmed. You can just skip stitching the notch.

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