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Question on the set-in sleeve

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    GailB @gbergan

    A question on this pattern: I’ve purchased it, but I have a question on the set-in sleeve. The photos on the envelope both look different. The blue version looks like the set-in sleeve is meant to fall off the shoulder, not hit right at the top of the shoulder. While the yellow top looks like the sleeve seam is meant to hit right at the top of the shoulder. Is this correct, or is the model just wearing a smaller-size pattern in the yellow version? It sure fits her differently. I would like to know how this is designed to fit before I cut it out in my fabric, if someone could take the time to answer my question. Thank you!–


    Liesl Gibson

    Hi there, I’m both the designer and the model in the photos. The two tops are the same size but made from different fabrics. The blue is cotton with spandex and the yellow is rayon with spandex, which drapes more and looks more clingy. In both tops the shoulder actually fits at the shoulder, but I think for the blue top I just didn’t adjust it properly before the photo was taken. (It’s difficult to be the stylist AND the model simultaneously, especially when it’s 50 degrees outside!) The width of the cowl is spread too far across the shoulders in the blue photo, which is why it looks like it doesn’t fit properly. I hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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