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Playdate Yoke Attachment

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    Melpowell @Melpowell

    Can someone show me an actual photo of the finished yoke on the playdate dress? I’m a little confused. Also, did I do something wrong or does it run small because it’s not going to fit over her head.

    Melpowell @Melpowell

    Sorry, ladies! I just saw the pictures under garments! I’ll do a little more research next time before I post.

    I am still curious about the size though.

    Lizabeth @Lizabeth

    Hi there! I also replied to your post on the Martha Pullen board, but thought it might help others to reply here, too.

    Here is a link to the O + S size charts–not the finished dimensions of the garment, but rather measure your child and find where s/he is on the chart for the corresponding O+S size.

    I have found my son is one size for his tiny waist, another for his leg length etc.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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