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Pattern fabric chart/picture.

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    cybele727 @cybele727

    Hi. I have a suggestion, or maybe this is done and you can direct me to where because I am not reading closely enough. ( happens all the time).

    I m pre-reading my after school pattern. On the back in the fabric guide it tells me how much for fabric A&B for view C. When I look at view C, there is no indication on the pattern package for me to say, oh the ruffle and the bottom side panel are fabric B. That is where the coordinating/contrasting fabric goes.

    I like to know this because it helps me with fabric pattern and scale when choosing fabric.

    For me to figure this out without some indication like the drawing labeled or something, I have to open the directions and read the pattern piece guide and compare that with the layout which is on the tissue.

    Then I think. Aha!!! The ruffles, the pocket lining, and lower side panel.

    I usually don’t have the pattern with me when I am at Joann’s or my local small shop. So accessing the pattern on my phone doesn’t help for yardage.

    Am I missing something? Would others find it useful if the back said something like….

    Fabric B. Shirt and Pant (Ruffles and lower side panel)…

    Fabric A: main fabric for pants.

    I find this to be a consistent challenge with O&S pattern that have contrasting fabric.


    Liesl Gibson

    Jenny, thanks for mentioning this! I just recently realized that we haven’t been giving any indication about which fabrics go where, and I know it can lead to confusion at the fabric store. I was actually surprised that no one has ever said anything about it! With our most recent fall collection we started noting on the back envelope which pieces are Fabric A, Fabric B, etc. If you look at the yardage chart for the Book Report Dress, for example, you’ll see footnotes indicating which pieces. Does that work ok? I’m open to suggestions for improvement, and we’ll be sure to include this information going forward as well.

    KellyNYC @KellyNYC

    I noticed the addition of fabric a/b guidance on the new patterns and have found it very helpful! I, too, had some confusion with the older patterns, but figured you’d left it up to us to use our creative discretion!

    cybele727 @cybele727

    I just looked at my book report and fairy tale… YES! you are including it now! Good. THANKS!!!! 😀

    Maybe that is why I thought I was missing something because I worked with those prior to the afterschool, so I was probably looking for it.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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