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    corlee @corlee

    is there a way to view errata of the out-of-print patterns? i am thinking about starting some of them and wanted to check with the errata pages before i start tracing out patterns, etc.


    Todd Gibson

    Yes, it’s a great idea to check for errata before starting to sew.

    We have it on our website development list to add a way for everyone to access all the information on our out of print styles. We hope to have that available later in the fall.

    In the meantime (and as of today), there are only two styles that have gone completely out of print: the Puppet Show Tunic + Shorts and the Playdate Dress. There were no errors in the Playdate pattern. There was an errata listed for the Puppet Show pattern. You can access it here:


    Links to the errata pages for all the older patterns are also available here in the forums. You can either browse to them by looking at all the posts on a pattern or using the search bar to search on “errata.”

    Which reminds me that I may not have posted those links here for newer items. I’ll do that now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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