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New Sewing Syllabus

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    Kim @kmac0107

    I printed out the syllabus and ordered patterns accordingly to increase my sewing skills. Will you rewrite the syllabus to include the current patterns in print as well as the new patterns? For those of us who want to be challenged will you have more Advanced Intermediate dress patterns that incorporate more full dress making details?

    Liesl Gibson

    Oh, I completely forgot to do this! Will update it, I promise.

    Yes, we’ll always do a few more challenging/involved patterns for those of you who enjoy this. We’ve got a terrific one for fall–I can hardly wait to show you!

    Thanks for your interest in this. I’m really passionate about the sewing syllabus and and really glad to see people are using it.

    Kim @kmac0107

    I have completed the syllabus patterns for my granddaughter and I have two of the new patterns to sew. Do you plan to update the syllabus again to include the new patterns?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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