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Nature Walk in Fleece

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    sayiamyou @maraya

    I have just finished the pullover, size 2T, in Valerie Wells’ Della Micro fleece and a coordinating solid pink Winter fleece (pictures up in Flickr tonight hopefully). I thought I’d list a few things of note for those who haven’t used fleece before, but would like to try with this pattern.

    Most important, I think, is that your fleece is light weight. I found that when sewing the side seams together my pullover got bulky around the pouch. I didn’t have troubles sewing through these layers (my machine came with a leveler thing that was helpful in keeping my presser foot aligned with the fabric), but it’s worth noting. If your machine can’t handle this you might be in for some unnecessary frustration. I intended for this to be a layering piece and the light weight fleece is going to work perfectly over short and long sleeves through the fall and winter months.

    Another thing to note about fleece is that well, it’s not a quilting cotton, and therefore does not hold a press. However, if you’ve used many of O+S patterns then you have surely come across Liesl’s tip for running a basting stitch as a folding line. Fleece is a perfect fabric for taking advantage of this, in my opinion.

    An advantage to using fleece, other than its obvious warmth and general coziness, is that it doesn’t fray. The seam allowances are perfectly fine if left alone and unfinished. I always trim mine down, but don’t feel obligated to overlock them.

    The pattern is very friendly toward this fabric (for the record, the Sailboat top is as well) and well suited. The fleece is easy to use and if you’re patient you’ll get really fun results!

    I’d love to hear others’ experiences and tips on using fleece.

    heidileeann @heidileeann

    I recently made the nature walk in fleece with a quilters cotton for the kangaroo pocket, collar and sleeves. It was a bulky sew around the pocket area and at the hem line. I really loved how it turned out, too cute! I made it in a size 8 for my biggish 7 year old and it was way too small. it actually fit my small 4 year old every where but the sleeves, which were the right size for my 7 year old. I’m not sure if this is because of something I did or failed to do. I haven’t used fleece too much before, except for pajama pants, so I’ve not got a lot of fleece experience. it seemed to me that the pullover didn’t have any give in the sides and so it was hard to put on and take off, in addition.

    I do love the pattern and intend to try again. I think I will make the size 6 for my four year old with size 4 sleeves. Do you think that if I sew the side seams with a zig zag stitch or with my serger that it might add a little more give? I thought if that technique worked for knits that it might help with the fleece too. I’d love some suggestions or insights.

    This is the first time I’ve posted anything on the o+s forums, although I read everyone else’s posts every day, and I’m terribly nervous that I’m going to sound daft 🙂

    Emily @Emily

    I made it up in fleece and quilting cotton and thought it went together pretty easily and turned out well. I didn’t notice it being particularly thick, though I was using my serger to sew most of the seams. The size 3 fits my daughter well – she will be 3 in November and measures just north of the 50th percentile in weight and height.

    I’m curious, Heidi, did you compare your kids’ measurements to the measurements on the pattern envelope? I’m surprised to hear that the fit was so off-base for your kids! I would also caution you against using the size 4 sleeves on a larger bodice, as the sleeve cap and the armhole curve won’t match up on different sizes. Perhaps shortening the size 6 sleeve to the length of the size 4 sleeve is a better solution?

    Welcome to the forums!

    heidileeann @heidileeann

    I did not check measurements before I chose my pattern size. I’m sure its something I did wrong as opposed to a problem with the pattern. (I’ve not had a sizing problem with any of the other o+s patterns.) Maybe the type of fleece i chose was too thick and bulky or something.

    I will check measurements before I start the pullover for my daughter and if need be I will take your advice on shortening the sleeves.


    sayiamyou @maraya

    I’m surprised by the sizing too, Heidi. The size 2 looks like it will be just right for my 19M old girl (haven’t had a chance to get her in it yet). My fleece had a good amount of stretch to it and I was also very careful about cutting with the grain. I wonder if that would help with yours? I sewed with a straight stitch throughout the entire piece.

    You don’t sound daft at all! Thanks for your input and welcome!

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