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    vothgirl @vothgirl

    Are these new, or has my pregnancy brain kept me from noticing them until now? I really like the Leini dress!

    Todd Gibson

    It’s us, not you! They are new. I’m in the process of setting them up, and there will be more coming later today.

    cybele727 @cybele727

    That Vanamo is very in. At the Met Gala in NYC there were all sorts of two pieces or other mid drifts showing. They are very cute.

    scgoble @scgoble

    I love the Vanamo! I wish I had a reason to wear a two-piece cocktail dress. I also love all their tops and have three or four on my “to do” list.

    mcholley1 @mcholley1

    I can’t wait to hear some feedback on how they are to sew. I’ve got my eye on the blazer and the long sleeve shirt for work pieces for the fall.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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