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    dare moi @dare moi

    ok chica’s,

    so i have had mine ordered & shipped, but there is some SINFUL CHEAP Mendocino for sale.

    ** $9.95/m then you add the ‘SIXTEEN’ coupon for a further 20% off **

    it’s just the one print, and there is only 7m left. I’ve hunted the rest of the online store (very painful) and this looks like it is all they have for Heather Ross.

    In Australia.


    Behave ladies….

    xoxx s

    hulagal @hulagal

    If you want Mendocino at a more reasonable price – buy Heather Ross’ book Prints where she makes nearly all of her fabric designs available for you to do with whatever you want including printing fabric (on lots of different substrates) at Spoonflower.com. I bought a copy so I would stop hoarding the fabric I do have from her out-of-print lines. And I can print what I don’t have (Mendocino!).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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