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making tutu more adjustable

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    sosew @sosew

    i’m looking for ideas to make the tutu waistband more adjustable. i made one for a little girl who loved it but it now has a 3 inch gap on the back. I’m making a new one, I’m afraid it will be too hard to tie if the tulle part is overlapping (ie if i make it bigger this time).

    One idea i had was to sew a smaller ribbon onto the inside of hte waistband. i thought that one could be tied with the back overlapping a bit and then tied loosely, but the inside ribbon would hold up the skirt. this could maybe gain an inch or two.

    any other thoughts???

    Sherry @mim22

    I recently made 10 tutus for my granddaughters birthday,they live overseas, so didn’t know any sizes.

    I made a separate waistband 3″ longer at one end (than the gathered tulle) then attached the layers of tulle (leaving the 3″ tail) folded over the waistband, tucked in the raw edges on the 3″ tail, then sewed velco onto the tail and corresponding velco onto the waistband, that way they can adjust for tubby or skinny tummies.

    Then cut a long piece of ribbon (big enough to go around tutu and do a big bow at the back). I stitched this at centre front and then where I thought side seams would be (through all layers). When we sent them over we rolled them lengthwise and put them inside a pantyhose leg, this stopped them from getting crushed and reduced the bulk in the parcels, they didn’t weigh much but were very bulky.

    Hope this makes sense. Good luck, if you need help with my ramblings just yell.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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