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Lining for a corduroy jumper?

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    Masha Richart

    This is not about an Oliver + S pattern, but since everyone here knows so much about sewing, I thought I’d ask. My 18-month-old is about to outgrow this adorable military-style jumper that I want to recreate in corduroy, for fall. My idea is she’d wear it with turtlenecks and tights. But I remember reading somewhere that corduroy sticks to tights, so I would need to line it. Are there any fabrics besides slinky synthetic lining fabrics that would work? Could I use a cute quilting cotton, or would that stick, too?

    meleliza @meleliza

    for a full skirt like the music box jumper I’d be inclined to use a light cotton lawn or voile. I don’t think that stickiness would be a huge issue for an active toddler. It’s not as if she has lumps and bumps to worry about hiding like grown up people! I’m not sure I’d even line the skirt actually. But if you think it will stick too much and be uncomfortable for her, I think only a slippery lining will fix that, like Bemberg rayon. Quilting cotton will stick just as much as cord.

    Violaisabelle @Violaisabelle

    I have had great success with linen! 🙂 I would use a light weight linen. I live where it’s very dry and can get lots of static shocks. I have found that the linen cuts down the static shocks, as well as static cling, double bonus. 🙂 You could use a light weight quilting cotton or voile for the bodice and then use the linen for the lower portion of the jumper.


    catherinel @catherinel

    I have 4 girls and have made tons of corduroy jumpers and dresses and I’ve never lined the skirt. I always lined the bodice with a lightweight cotton (to cut down on bulk). My girls wore them plenty of times with tights and I don’t ever remember a sticking problem. I live on the gulf coast which is usually damp, but even on dry days I don’t particularly remember a static problem.

    KarenK @KarenK

    I’ve never had an issue with corduroy sticking to tights. The underside is usually nice and smooth and the fabric has enough weight that it doesn’t stick and hold easily- if at all. If you choose to line it, take a pair of tights with you to the fabric store and test them with the fabrics you’re considering.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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