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    Summer @sumriley


    I am trying to make two of these delightful dresses for my girls this year, and I have chosen a dotted sheer fabric. I need to line the dress, but desperately want the lining and fabric to swing independently at the bottom edge. How do I accomplish this in regards to the back placket and hem facing?
    Thanks in advance.. If it weren’t for the last minute, I would never get anything done!

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    I may be lacking imagination (it’s early morning here) but my thoughts re the placket is that you can’t.
    If you want the lining attached attached at the top but free at the bottom you’d need to make the placket only half length or have an almost separate under dress with it’s own placket. Both would be icky solutions I think.
    How about underling and then making a separate pettiskirt.
    Or, make the sheer dress and then sew a underslip that’s a hybrid of the Family Reunion with Swingset or Pinwheel style straps

    meleliza @meleliza

    This Drew has a wide neckline. Does it really need a full button back packat? Or could you do a small keyhole at the back instead. Then, you just make a lining skirt and stress skirt separately with French seams. Then baste then together at the top to attach to the yoke.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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