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Liesl & Co patterns–sized by RTW or by pattern sizing?

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    miss_sonja @miss_sonja

    I just last night had the realization that in pattern sizing, I’m not the same size I am in RTW. I have mostly sewn for my 2 year old or costumes from non-standard patterns, so this is a shock.

    I have not yet tried to sew anything from a Big 4 pattern for me, but I had just started tracing a skirt from Simplicity when I had a niggle about double checking size.

    I’ve sewn the Liesl & Co. Everday Skirt and used a M, which corresponded to my usual 10-12. It fits fine. So…can I rely on these patterns to be true to RTW sizing?

    (I ended up falling down a rabbit hole of message board posts on various forums filled with people ranting about the weird pattern sizing)

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Liesl and co patterns should match your ready to wear size. Other patterns may not. Here’s the blog post from Liesl about sizing….

    finding your correct pattern size

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Liesl has a number of fitting posts on the Lisette site. These posts are Big 4 relevant, not Liesl And Co.

    finding your sewing pattern size

    book recommendation: fit for real people

    how Lisette sewing patterns are developed

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    I’m RTW 8, L&C 8.

    miss_sonja @miss_sonja

    Thanks for the links. Mostly, I’m annoyed that I have a set of Lisette patterns which are too small, and the Simplicity ones are out of print.:-(

    I just made a muslin of a Simplicity pattern. Used the size 16 and … it fits.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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