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    MyBellaGirl @MyBellaGirl

    I just finished my first Ice Cream Dress View C today (love it). The only thing I’m not satisfied with is Step 3 under “Attach the Back Dress’s Back-Top Panel to the Back Yoke.” I tried clipping the seam allowance, but now I have raw fabric peaking out at the split. I reviewed the sew along material and there were some helpful hints there, but do you have any other tips? The top seems so finished, especially with french seams and I hate to have this little “ugly” spot :). Thank you so much for your help.

    oliveisatiger @oliveisatiger

    I have also found this step really tricky. I think I need more visuals! I’m wanting to make Views A & B soon. Fingers crossed I work out how to do it with ease soon.

    claireabel @claireabel

    This is one of the trickier steps.

    You can read a tutorial here: http://badskirt.blogspot.com/2010/07/ice-cream-social-gathers-yoke-lining.html

    And some discussion about this step here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/icecreamdress-sewalong/discuss/72157624436780281/

    Anonymous @

    I just made view C about a week ago. I dreaded that step because I remembered if being difficult when I made view A last year. I clipped as close as possible to the stitches and the yoke covered my raw edges really well this time. However, I was worried that it might rip, so I decided to sew some tacking stitches right at the bottom of the yoke pieces. I just used a 0 length zig zag. It really doesn’t show and I feel it is more secure this way.

    Justine J @justmejay

    I made my 6th dress/top from this pattern 2 weeks ago. Like Amy/badskirt (who hosted the sewalong), I actually attach my yoke ‘backwards’ – that comes from being mildly dyslexic, I guess! To me, it actually gives a much neater finish to the yoke attachment& stops the raw fabric poking out. I do back tack across the opening though.

    Nicole @motherof5

    I caught the gap together at the bottom by hand.

    Just as Sandi suggested.

    rastis @rastis

    i found a different way to avoid problems on the back of the ice cream dress/blouse and give a little more strength to that back opening, with just a little change to the back…

    you can see what i did here 🙂


    Emily @Emily

    There’s a really nice tutorial for adding a slit and a facing to the back opening of this dress over here: http://www.mariegracedesigns.com/marie_grace/2011/08/a-dress-with-a-facing.html

    She also has great instructions for hand-smocking the ICD.

    rastis @rastis

    thank you for the link! i hadn’t seen that before 🙂

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