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    Loralee @Loralee

    Hello! I’ve been pondering labels for all my sewn items. Not for the purpose of selling them but merely to add a personal touch. One that says something like “Made with Love by”, etc. I want to customize it as well. My hubby says I should have a tag every time I complete a new O+S pattern so that the kids can keep them as heirlooms. As much wear as they get, that may be hopeful thinking! LOL.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas on sources or options? Thanks. 🙂

    Anonymous @

    My mom does put tags in the clothes she makes for my kids, but they are generic. They say something like “Made by love by Nana”. I am pretty sure she just gets them at the local fabric store like Hancocks. I don’t know if you could get them with a name, but you could probably get one that is from “Mom” or “mother” or something like that. As far as personalized ones, I bet you could get them online somewhere.

    Not to hijack this thread, but I am wondering, along these lines, do you all put “size” tags in your clothes? I was just thinking it might be nice to know what size something is as I hand them down from my older daughter to my younger one.


    JohannaO @JohannaO

    I put little bits on ribbon on the back side of the clothes I make so my kids will know which side to put on. On the underside of the ribbon, it normally has a size, but that’s pretty arbitrary at this point, as I tend to lengthen things in smaller sizes to fit my skinny kids.

    cherry @cherry

    I just started putting labels in the clothes I sew. I started doing it for 2 reasons:

    a) so my kids knew where the back of the pants were, and

    b) so that when I give handmade items as gifts they know I made them!

    I’ll try to find a pic of one for you. Mine say ‘Made by Cherry’ and have a loveheart next to that.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    As few clothes as I finish, it makes sense for me to hand-embroider a ‘tag’ – the child’s name, a size, or some little symbol. That’s if I remember, which isn’t always the case. With somebody like Nicole who produces a lot of finished garments, it makes sense to have proper tags made up. I know we’ve talked about this before, but I don’t remember if it was here or on flickr, but somebody mentioned a good option for smaller runs of labels. They looked really cool and professional, and there were different price points depending on what you wanted. Will see if I can turn it up.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    I’ve looked at namemaker.com before, but haven’t ordered yet. I’ve read several bloggers recommend the site too.

    lisamichelle @lisamichelle

    You might want to try looking on Etsy. There are several label vendors and all are custom/handmade. I purchased the ones I use from LillaLotta and just love them. Hope this helps.

    P.S. I’ve been following the forum and flickr group for some time but never commented before. I just love the support/encouragement provided here. I am gathering up the courage to sew my first garment and have been inspired by many of the beautiful pieces this group has created.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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