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Janome 6500P Recommendations?

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    juneybyub @juneybyub

    Hi guys, I am quite new here, but looking forward to taking part more in the forum.

    I am considering upgrading to a Janome 6500P, but a little shy of the asking price. I understand that it’s a powerful machine in terms of features and actual power (it can sew through many layers at once with little difficulty), but would just like to here from guys here on the forum that have used it.

    I will be taking a closer look at my local dealer in the near future to see what the 6500P can do.

    Any thoughts?



    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Dose it have a free arm? If you want to sew kids clothes its something you might like to consider.

    juneybyub @juneybyub

    Heidi, I will have to check that out – you raise a good point and one that I hadn’t considered!

    I did read this review HERE, but there was no mention of that.

    Reviews on Amazon also seem very positive.

    Hopefully some more guys will chip in with thoughts here, so that a balanced view can be presented


    MimmySews @MimmySews

    I have a 6500P. It is a workhorse of a machine with a powerful motor. I love it, but it does not have a free arm. Another smaller machine that may be in your price point is the Janome 3160. It is computerized; has 60 decorative stitches, does buttonholes and has a free arm. It has a smaller bed than the 6500 so if you do a lot of quilting, it might not work for you. I also have one of those to take to classes, but many people use it for their everyday machine. Ask your local dealer to show it to you.

    Basically, your decision depends on what kind of sewing you do. I do think Janomes in general, are a great machine. You didn’t say if the 6500 was new or used. As with any machine, if you buy used, make sure the machine has been serviced regularly and see if the seller will let you test it. Ideally you are buying it from a dealer who probably knows the machine and the previous owner. The 6500P is an expensive machine. You want to be sure you know what you are getting.

    Robin @Robin

    I have a 3160. It comes with a little table to extend the bed for quilting. Does that make sense? It has a needle up down function that I love and a needle threader. Who knew such little things would make such a big difference? My only advice to try them all out to see what you like.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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