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    Reeni @Reeni

    I got this pattern and was so excited because I could continue to make shirts for ds who has outgrown the Sketchbook. As luck would have it, his measurements fall in between those for sz 12 of the Sketchbook (and presumably the Button-up button-down) and the XS of the Allday, with the added complication of a neck larger than the XS Allday. Can I take 3/4 inch off each side of the yoke and front without having to redraft the sleeve cap? And if I am shortening about 3-4 inches, should I take some of that from the armscye?
    I was about to throw in the towel and just make him the XS with a S neckline/collar and have it bunch up somewhat under his blazer… but happened to look into Kamakura Shirts, whose custom shirts start at $130 for a plain blue or white one. Challenge accepted!!.. i think? with your help?

    Liesl Gibson

    I’d suggest taking a look at Fit For Real People for this one. It will show you how to adjust the shoulders, sleeve width, etc.

    Reeni @Reeni

    these are two attempts… from googling (Fit for Real People is not in at my local library) it looks like I need to fix the shoulder slope more than the width to get rid of those neck-to-underarm folds, and make the neckline/collar still bigger, right? There’s also a good inch that could be taken away under the arm in the striped one. A work in progress, too bad this kid lives in t-shirts because he will have a well-fitted button down if it takes me a month. These two fabrics are from stash, and the first one that I had to slash down the back was an old bedsheet, so I’m still ahead, right? 😛

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