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ideas for dress ups?

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    Tamara @justsewit

    I’ve just been asked by my local playgroup if I would make them some simple multisized dress ups for the children. My first thought was yep can do and started thinking about the little things to sew book with the bear hat and cape etc. But then I thought what about the explorer vest being turned into a cowboy vest and maybe working on a pants pattern to make the pants so that they can be tied on somehow with the sides opened (I know there is a particular name for this but it escapes me at present due to lurgy)

    I need some help for a few ideas to throw around and decide which would be best for this little troup of kiddies. They are generally 2.5 year olds up to about 4 (if they aren’t going to kindy already) that are really into this sort of thing.

    What would you suggest for girls, for boys? using the current patterns that would be simple to whip on and off – the other specification of not falling apart and easy care will be handled by moi.

    JohannaO @JohannaO

    Karate/Ninja outfits- Bedtime Story Pajamas, substitute velcro for the ties.

    Music Class Blouse- add fringe on the front yoke, instant Cowgirl shirt.

    Sunday Brunch Skirt- Cowgirl skirt, denim and some fringe.

    LTTS Tutu- Ballerina.

    Sandbox Pants, with some extra pockets- paramedics pants

    Sailboat Pants/Top, Sailor outfits+bucket hats

    Secret Agent Trench Coat- In white twill (U.S) or Light Blue= Doctor’s coat. Eliminate the wrist straps.

    Sleep Over Pajamas=Old Fashioned Baseball Uniform.

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    I believe you’re thinking of “chaps”, either that or stripper pants. 😉

    Our museum has some dinosaur tails that are stuffed tails that simply attach via a waistband with velcro closure. The little kids love putting on a tail and romping around. Easy to sew and easy to wear.

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I run a playgroup with kids that age. Our most popular dress ups are the tutu/fairy skirts (for girls AND boys:), bear suit, spiderman costume and ‘beautiful’ dresses. I made the fairy skirts nearly 3 years ago when I started, they’re not the LTTS ones, but are very popular and the LTTS would be even nicer. The bear suit was made by a previous leader, and I have just had to make minor repairs. Maybe a nature walk with added hood and ears would work? I found a $10 spiderman costume at the Reject Shop last year, best $10 I have spent on boys dress ups, it is worn nearly every week by both the boys and girls. Although not as well made as I would like (I have just repaired 6 seams on it) was easier (and cheaper) than making one. The girls really seam to like what they call ‘beautiful dressed’ which is basically any dress, but if its pink (or purple) and/or has ruffles or looks like a princess. I have two pink dresses that are fairly basic dressed with sashes that also get lots of use. Maybe a family reunion in appropriate fabric?

    I was just thinking yeasterday about modifying the class picnic blouse into a princess dress for my playgroup. I haven’t made yet (waiting on the pattern). I was thinking on extending the bodice and adding a basic gathered skirt, simular to the one Liesl made for S (http://oliverands.com/blog/2012/03/class-picnic-blouse-as-dress.html). I was then going to add a contrast strip of fabric up the front and sew on criss-cross ribbons to make a mock tied bodice.

    I am also planning to make a Secret Agent Trench Coat for playgroup and I love the idea of a ninja/karate outfit and the dinosaur tails.

    I could very much relate to having costumes that don’t fall apart, as I often look at the comercial costumes and their lack of finishing (often just straight stitched and not even overlocked), and think of the frustration when they fall apart after little wear.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Thanks ladies for those ideas – my brain is not in a thinking kinda mood today (blame it on the lurgy). When I was working in long day care I bought some cowboy/ indian costumes and things which were really great because the centre had absolutely nothing (and they got stroppy that I took them with me when I left). I wouldn’t pass them on because they have pretty much been a mainstay in my own kids play since they were old enough to use them and well, they are a bit worn out too.

    The ballerina skirt would be ideal which I didn’t think of but of course now that the memory is jogged it will be high on the list. I was thinking of doing a red riding cape also and maybe adapting that pattern to make batman and superman capes for the boys. I think they only want 3 or 4 for girls and the same again for boys.

    Maybe a few of the bear hats would be ideal in different animal variations teamed with tails – more thinking on that I think. I have to get the school production out of the way first so I have asked them to give me May before I really start and then expect them gradually as I just don’t have 7 days to sew anymore.

    I’m going to write these suggestions down so I don’t forget.

    Thanks again.

    Noodles @Noodles

    The red riding cape you could make kings and queens robes. Kids at our day care love them – made from some crushed velvety fabric with fluff around the neck. Just elastic in the neck. They also have vests (like explorer) made out of lurex/gold glittery fabric for armour for a knight.

    As well as dinosaur tails – what about dig/cat tails. I made them for the kids. Stuffed tail sewn onto an elastic waist band that did up with velcro.

    mela @mela

    These are such great ideas! I have been thinking about putting together some play clothes, and these ideas are fantastic! thank you!

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    I also thought about the types of closures on the dressups. Zips seem to work well (but more frustrating to put in), I don’t really like velcro as I find it tends to catch on the costumes and makes pulls in the fabric, having said that I always use it as the closure for hero capes as that way if they get caught on somthing it will open up and the child won’t choke. I would also use pressstuds/snaps to close as they won’t catch on things but do up easily.

    I would also make the tutu/ballerina/fairy skirt with an elastic waist so the kids can pull them on themselves. Although I love the skirt and construction of the tutu in LTTS I can imagine it becoming very wearing having to tie and untie the skirt for the child.

    Really looking forward to seeing your dress ups.

    icicle @icicle

    I’d also recommend aprons, either bibbed or waist tied. Often my kid (5 1/2) will throw on an apron over her regular clothes to make up her character. It’s a simple way for her to look down and see the costume without the fussiness of climbing into one and fastening up. The bibbed aprons are especially easy to fancy up into ball gowns and uniforms and take much less sewing and materials too.

    I second super big snaps. They are a pain to sew on but don’t snag like velcro or require tying skills.

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